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Riverside, California 2021-09-05 23:15:51 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Everyone knows that the standard color for fire trucks is red, but there are pink fire trucks running around town because of cancer, which is a valuable cause.

Lester Garza is a former Corpus Christi firefighter who has been working with them for nearly 30 years. He drives a pink fire truck. This is a symbol of raising awareness among those who fight cancer.

Lester has been a member of the CARE or Cancer Awareness Relief Effort organization since 2009. They raise money for cancer patients by selling T-shirts every year.

But the cause has become a bit more personal to Garza in the last few years.

“I knew very little about getting prostate cancer, which was stage 4 prostate cancer in 2016, so I’m fighting every day,” Garza said.

Now accustomed to raising money for organizational purposes, Leicester is spending some of that money for himself.

“I’ve always said that if we could help one person, it would be worth it to me, and I knew very little, that person is me,” Garza said.

Carlos Torres, the organization’s president and friend of Garza’s, said that despite selling bracelets and hats, T-shirts are the number one seller and devise new designs every year. It’s a personal cause for him because he knows firefighters are fighting cancer.

“I know that many firefighters in Texas and throughout the United States have cancer, and we have a few firefighters and their families here,” Torres said.

On Sunday, Garza’s neighbors organized a gathering with the pink fire truck, allowing children to board the fire truck and take pictures with their families.

Rally organizer Chantal Dubois wanted to bring the community together because COVID-19 didn’t bring many of his neighbors together and didn’t know much on a personal level. rice field.

“I just tried to get them all to know each other and what we were all experiencing, depression, or cancer, and Leicester gave such a neat background. I was happy to hear that I had it, “Dubore said.

Garza said he always wanted to get acquainted with his neighbors and always wanted to help them.

“I love helping people and I know the cliché, but it’s part of the community, helping people and having a brotherhood with firefighters. We’re still brothers. Here I’ve been five years and they’re still taking care of me, “he said.

Community comes together for former firefighter with cancer Source link Community comes together for former firefighter with cancer

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