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(May 24, 2022) Hershorin Schiff Community Day School (CDS) recently welcomed Rinat Heiman as a new Hebrew and Jewish research instructor. Heymann previously held this position at the Temple of Sinai from 1994 to 2013, and most recently was a teacher at the Private Bar and Bat Mitzwar. As early as 14 months, all CDS students will be offered classes in both Hebrew and Jewish culture studies.

Heyman is passionate about these studies. She knows that their lessons can make a big difference in the lives of students. As she sees, these studies go far beyond academic knowledge for isolated individuals. They are the teaching of wisdom, which connects each individual to a larger community.

“Teaching Hebrew and Jewish studies is important because it builds a bridge to understanding and respecting each other,” says Heimann. “Understanding where people came from is essential to communication, and I believe that the vibrant culture and traditions associated with Judaism have the power to enrich the lives of all students. In addition, learning another language, such as Hebrew, has the power to improve students’ attitudes towards different cultures, improve their language skills, memory retention, and stimulate creativity. “

Heyman adds: “Jewish values ​​can be applied to everyday life, regardless of one’s beliefs or beliefs. We also want to encourage students to discover and learn Hebrew through the lenses of music and nature. These are just a few of the many things I’m excited to explore! “

Dan Ceaser, Principal of Community Day, shares her excitement.

“We are so excited that Mr. Haiman will join our team this fall,” he says. “She has her many years of experience in the classroom working with young students. She chose to bring her own expertise into our classroom — and we deeply I am honored. “

Ceaser adds that Heiman’s commitment to multicultural and ecumenical learning fits perfectly into the core values ​​of the Community Day School.

“We are committed to providing our students with an understanding of the world’s religions,” he says. “It’s not abstract knowledge. It’s deeply rooted in faith and cultural diversity. Heyman shares that respect. She’s celebrated throughout the community for her passion and dedication. People with very different identities and beliefs respect Mr. Hayman because they know she respects them. “

There will be no more timing for Heyman’s arrival. Community Day School currently offers Hebrew as a language choice for all students wishing to attend. Starting in the upper grades of elementary school, CDS students can also choose to take Jewish studies or comparative world religions. The lessons that students learn in life are the foundation of Mr. Haiman’s life. She lives the truth — and lives to teach it.

Heiman added that he can’t wait to meet the students at Community Day School. She looks forward to creating an education plan for all CDS students. This is a personalized plan based on each individual’s unique talents, interests and personalities. “As a teacher, I think it’s my responsibility to motivate students to explore collaborative and inquiry-based learning,” she says. “I love attracting students through nature, active learning and imagination. I intend to make Hebrew and Judaism studies a fun and memorable experience for everyone in the classroom.”

Community Day School opened a new campus on August 16, 2021 with record registration. For more information on CommunityDay School, please visit communityday.org or call (941) 552-2770.

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Serving preschool to second grade students, Hershorin Schiff Community Day School’s mission is to create a community where children of all faiths show integrity, academic excellence, and a desire to improve the world. Is to influence the world by. Community Day offers a rigorous project-based academic program in a diverse and vibrant learning environment rooted in Jewish values ​​of honesty, honesty, mutual trust and respect. For more information, please visit the following website: communityday.org Or call (941) 552-2770.

Community Day School Welcomes New Hebrew and Judaic Studies Educator
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