Community holds vigil for Diana McGrory – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-16 23:19:03 –

Guardian of the Rio Grande chapter of the child Is a biker organization that raises awareness of the effects of child abuse. Their president told KOB 4 when he asked Diana what had happened, which made him sick at the heart of him.

“I hate it, it’s sad. There’s no reason for it. A two-year-old kid can’t do anything wrong to deserve that kind of evil,” Moose said.

And what really upsets him is that he believes many know what’s going on with Diana, but says nothing.

“Her community, her friends and family all saw something, and no one cares to say anything,” he said.

It was October 1st when police arrived at a house in northeastern Albuquerque and found Diana without a pulse. According to police, she lived with her father, Michael Garcia, her grandmother, Diana Marie Garcia, and her three brothers.

Her father arrested Immediately after Diana was found, her grandmother was just Arrested on friday.. Both have been charged with child abuse and have caused great physical harm or death.

According to criminal accusations, Diana was covered with bruises from head to toe. Police said they had seen “a visible bruise on most of her body.” Investigators also found a “dark red burn” on her body.

When asked, both families denied the abuse, saying that a two-year-old child had been burned on the stove.

But when Garcia was cross-examined by the police, he wept and said, “You’re not going to forgive me.”

The complaint also refers to an interview with Diana’s brother who told investigators that he had seen the abuse happening. They reportedly told investigators that “dad and grandma are spanking (Diana) with their belts and hands,” and Diana was “spanked for days.”

He also reports that Diana was not the only child abused at home, saying that one of her siblings had “indicating physical abuse” and “multiple unexplained fractures.”

Only a few days ago, the judge ordered Michael Garcia to stay behind the bar until his trial. Grandmother Diana Marie Garcia is still in custody.

Community holds vigil for Diana McGrory Source link Community holds vigil for Diana McGrory

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