Community members have quickly restored downtown’s vandalized cathedral – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-10-12 19:32:35 –

Disgusting messages such as homosexual dislike, racist slurs and swastikas were sprayed with red paint early on Sunday.

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Since its completion in 1911, the Cathedral of the Virgin of Innocence, a symbol of Catholic faith in Denver, was severely destroyed early Sunday morning. At Mass 8:30, parishioners could still see the red paint dripping when they entered.

With the help of the community, the cathedral and sidewalks were almost completely restored by Tuesday night. According to the cathedral minister, Father Samuel Morehead, some mothers went to work shortly after the mass and rubbed their hands and knees on Sunday to clean the sidewalks and walls. Today, the efforts of Corfax Improvement District, Church employees, and local volunteers have almost completely removed the red paint.

Some parts of the building still need cleaning and the doors need to be refinished, but the nasty words and symbols are gone.

“There was great support and encouragement from the entire community. The Episcopal Church cathedral reached out with support. Good words from the Jewish community,” said Morehead. .. “So we feel well supported and encouraged not only by our parishioners, but also by our larger neighborhood.”

Morehead, after working for six years in an Inglewood church, became a cathedral minister in July, saying that this is already the third case of discriminatory graffiti since his tenure. The cathedral, like many other downtown buildings, experiences regular instances of tagging, but for Morehead, this vandalism is clearly a step further. He said the text was “sneaky, hateful, sexual, and derogatory.”

According to Morehead, police have gathered information from cities and businesses from witnesses and nearby security cameras, and police investigations are proceeding smoothly.

According to the Archdiocese of Denver, 25 vandalism, vandalism and theft have occurred in northern Colorado since February 2020. Ten of them have occurred in the last six months.

Community members have quickly restored downtown’s vandalized cathedral Source link Community members have quickly restored downtown’s vandalized cathedral

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