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Community Mobility Committee Seeks Members, Community Involvement – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-01-13 16:23:09 –

The St. Louis City Commission is recruiting residents to guide policies and advise on non-motor transport.

The Community Mobility Commission considers traffic issues in the city, formulates policies, and walks, uses wheelchairs or mobility devices, rides transit, or cyclizes to provide a conduit for residents to have a greater say. Looking for residents with the daily experience of riding a bicycle in the city government.

The Community Mobility Commission is a continuation of the Citizen-Based Bicycle Sharing Working Group, originally formed in 2017 to develop rules for sharing bicycles and electric scooters. The group has evolved to address a wide range of issues faced by people walking, biking, wheelchairing, using transportation, and using other mobility devices. Introduced by City Councilor Christine Ingrassia in District 6, the group was transformed into a formal committee by a resolution approved by the City Councilors Committee in February 2020.

“The ability to move is a fundamental human right and can be very difficult without a car in St. Louis. Residents shape the way we move around the city and make it safer. I have an important perspective and experience to help with, “said Alder Woman Ingracia.

The Commission is currently addressing everyday traffic and safety issues that affect St. Louis, such as the impact of scooters and new mobility technologies, looking for opportunities to bring roads closer to cars, and St. Louis will be recognized in bicycle infrastructure. I support you. Future efforts should encourage more public space through street parklets and carefully consider how policies affect residents of different races, abilities, genders, and other identities. Includes encouraging.

“This is a community-based group led by members who welcome all those affected by transportation decisions. We encourage you to participate in the formation of community-based solutions. This is future mobility. “It helps shape what it looks like,” said Tiffanie Stanfield, founder and committee member of Fighting Against Hit and Run Driving.

“We want to create a comprehensive and diverse space where people of all backgrounds can ask city authorities for a more equitable and sustainable transport policy,” said the Chairman of the Community Mobility Commission. Jack Knight says.

City residents interested in expressing their opinions or joining the committee should visit the committee’s web page for more information or contact Scott Ogilvie. No planning, government, or transportation experience required.

The meeting is open to the public and is held six times a year on Wednesdays from 9 am to 10:30 am. Currently, all meetings are held in Zoom. For more information on the committee, full schedule, zoom links, agenda, and past meeting minutes, see the committee’s website ( Please access / index). cfm

Community Mobility Committee Seeks Members, Community Involvement Source link Community Mobility Committee Seeks Members, Community Involvement

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