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Atlanta (CBS46)-A short message from East Atlanta’s mother, Sheri McCoy. There’s not much else to say at this point.

“Help,” she explained. “The East Atlanta Kids Club needs our help.”

The East Atlanta Kids Club is a non-profit organization that supports hundreds of people each year, including McCoy and his family. The club primarily supports student homework, distributes nutritious snacks, and provides a safe playground after school.

But now, after their bus was destroyed over the weekend, the program is urgently pleaing.

Secretary Ryan Downey stopped at the property on Monday morning when he found the windows completely shattered and shut down transportation.

“The first thing I thought about today was how I could fix it and pick up my child,” Downey said.

Unfortunately, the fix isn’t that fast. As of Tuesday afternoon, the bus wasn’t in service yet. Dozens of children were not on board. That is, the seats in the club remained empty.

This is the latest of about 6 other incidents over the last year and a half.

“Unfortunately, this is probably the most horrifying event,” McCoy said.

“The catalytic converter was shut off, items were stolen from the front porch, the community garden was looted, and the drunk driver left a party in the park and hit the bus,” Downey said. “But this is the first thing that feels purely vandalism.”

Downey submitted a report to the Atlanta Police Department on Monday, and police are continuing to investigate the damage.

He says the blows that took place a few days after the program’s Brownwood Bike Rally felt particularly cruel. Downey said the event was successful as hundreds of people attended the community event after it was canceled in 2020 due to COVID.

“We got on the wave, felt the rush of successful events and saw the community supporting us,” Downey explained. “It really put the damper in excitement.”

However, this rough patch regroups the community in another way.

Neighbors, parents and local businesses are donating money and services with the goal of resuming the bus by Friday. Downey says that as part of a weekly partnership between the East Atlanta Kids Club and the Atlanta Food Bank, services need to be served by the weekend to transport food to hundreds of people.

If you’re interested in helping the East Atlanta Kids Club, you can find out more here. Join-East Atlanta Kids Club

Community rallies support after vandalism at East Atlanta nonprofit | News Source link Community rallies support after vandalism at East Atlanta nonprofit | News

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