Community responds to tragic shooting events over the weekend – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-07-20 19:48:35 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — The community continues to be upset after a weekend shooting event near Campbell Avenue and Irene Vista.

Rev. Grady Scott says he didn’t expect this to happen in this community.

“I don’t think anyone living in Tucson has seen this coming,” he told KGUN9.

Scott has been a pastor of the Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church for nearly 31 years. The Sunday service took place just hours before the shoot and just a few miles away.

Rev. Scott calls the events of the day a tragedy.

“When I heard about shooting, I was terribly hurt and terribly upset. Innocent people who were hurt. Who died … and even the shooter,” he added.

He said the shooting revealed that Tucson and the United States as a whole had to deal with two issues.

“We need to tackle mental health issues, and we also need to address mental health issues related to gun violence, as you hope it never happens and never happens again. That’s what Rev. Scott told KGUN9.

To prevent that, Rev. Scott meets with other Rev.s to see how they can best help the reeling community.

“I hope this will never be seen again, but how will we prepare to deal with it next time,” he added.

He says it’s time for the community to unite and work harder than ever to recognize the problems of the immediate community.

“We can now liven up together, or it can tear us apart. We can start seeing how to heal and hurt people, but this is a tragic time. I think. We have to look at it that way, and when we got together in a tragic time, with our community we didn’t know we had We find that we have resources within ourselves, “he told KGUN9.

Community responds to tragic shooting events over the weekend Source link Community responds to tragic shooting events over the weekend

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