Companies call for efforts to limit voting in Texas

Companies such as HP, Levi Strauss, Microsoft and Patagonia have expressed concern about the proposed voting rule changes in Texas. In Texas, Republican-controlled parliament supports a bill that makes it difficult for some residents to vote.

“As a nonpartisan coalition, we call on Texas-elected leaders to support reforms that make democracy more accessible and to oppose changes that restrict voters’ access to ballots.” And companies and other groups Said A recently formed group that includes former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk in a letter released at the Texas Fair elections on Tuesday.

Signed by more than 50 organizations, including numerous Texas Chambers of Commerce, generous corporate and civil leaders said, “Let lawmakers support equality, a core principle of democracy that has been elusive. I asked him to “call.”

Voting bills passed by the Texas Senate in recent weeks will reduce voting time extensions and make it more difficult for people with disabilities to vote by mail, according to critics. Proponents of the bill, including Republican Governor Greg Abbott, say the bill will make elections more secure.

One bill, SB7, prohibits local government officials from extending early voting time and prohibits drive-through voting. It also makes party voting observers more accessible to polling stations and prohibits staff from sending ballots by mail unless requested by the voter.

The Texas House of Representatives can vote for proposals that incorporate many provisions as early as Thursday.

Texas Republicans Promote Restricted Voting Law


Republicans in legislatures across the country have taken numerous voting rules after the 2020 presidential election. In Florida, for example, a member of parliament on April 29 added an ID requirement to voters requesting voting by mail and approved a law requiring people to request mail ballots more often. State Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the law.

After the Georgia Republican Party enacted a drastic law in March Affect state voting accessPeach County companies such as Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola have expressed opposition to this measure. It prompted attacks from Republicans like Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Tweet A video that I think of the company as “awakening the hypocrites of the company.”

Dell Technologies and American Airlines were one of the first Fortune 500 companies to oppose the Texas bill.

“We are strongly opposed to this and other bills. As a Texas-based company, we defend the rights of team members and customers who call Texas their hometown, protected by generations of Americans. , Expanding the right to vote. ” statement last month.

At the time, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell tweeted, “Government needs to be sure to hear the voice of its citizens. HB6 does the opposite and we oppose it.”

Both Dallas-based AT & T and Southwest Airlines have recently expressed support for legislation that makes it easier for people to vote while ensuring safe elections.

In April, Texas legislators proposed amendments to the state budget that would block subsidies and other funding from companies that opposed legislation “related to election integrity.” The amendment was revoked, but was seen as a frank warning to companies considering speaking about the measures.

Companies call for efforts to limit voting in Texas

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