Complete Update List: Republicans Supporting Impeachment Trump

A small but increasing number of Republicans said they would support the effort when the House of Representatives prepared to move forward in a vote to formally prosecute President Trump for inciting violence against the US government on Wednesday.

Voting is set to come just a week after the US Capitol was defeated by an angry crowd of Trump supporters.

In 2019, no Republican voted for the impeachment. Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have said they will not formally reach out to members who oppose the impeachment vote, and they are Republicans who say they intend to vote for impeachment.

Congressman John Katko of New York was the first Republican to publicly announce his support for the impeachment proceedings. Former federal prosecutor Katko said he saw the fact of the siege that began when lawmakers were working to prove the outcome of the presidential election.

“It cannot be ignored that President Trump encouraged the rebellion both on social media before January 6 and in his speech that day,” Katko said in a statement. “By deliberately promoting an unfounded theory that suggests that the elections were somehow stolen, the president created a flammable environment of false information, disfranchisement, and division. This was the violence of January 6. When he appeared in the act, he refused to stop it promptly and forcibly, endangering countless lives. “

He said that not holding the president accountable for his actions would be “a direct threat to the future of our democracy.”

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming said he would vote for impeachment on Tuesday night, citing the president’s role in the riots that caused “death and destruction in the most sacred places in the republic.”

“The US president summoned the mob, gathered the mob, and set the flames of the attack on fire,” she said in a statement. “Everything after that was his action. Without the president this would not have happened. The president would have been able to intervene immediately and powerfully to stop the violence. He did not. The US President’s office and the Constitutional oath did not make such a big betrayal. “

Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who frequently criticizes Mr. Trump, joined a Republican colleague on Tuesday night, saying the country is in an unknown waters. He said Mr. Trump “encouraged angry mobs to attack the US Capitol to stop counting election votes.”

“There is no doubt that the US president broke his oath of office and instigated the riot,” he said in a statement, adding that “if the president’s actions are not worthy of impeachment, what can be impeached?” crime? “

Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan said he would vote for impeachment after President Trump “did not express regret” about what happened at the Capitol.

“I would have preferred formal bipartisan accusations over eliciting the impeachment process,” Apton said. “I’m afraid this will now interfere with important legislative projects and the new Biden administration. But it’s time to say: enough.”

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Complete Update List: Republicans Supporting Impeachment Trump

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