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Concerns over massive utility bills prompting action by state leaders – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-02-22 23:31:31 –

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Throughout the state, Oklahoma expects increased billing due to long-term use, not only because of the cold, but also because more people are at home than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. doing.

But the Arctic explosion, which she destroyed cities throughout the state, not only increased demand, but also caused an overall supply shortage.

“The gas supply was very limited,” he said. Frontier Research journalist Clifton Adcock. “There were some smart freezes, the pipeline froze, and the utility was trying to burn the generator at the same time using natural gas.”

As a result, if the gas price soars and the utility company runs out of contracted gas at a certain price, you will have to buy more at the soaring price or spot price to meet your customers. Request.

“In some places, the spot price for natural gas was $ 1,000 per million cubic feet of gas, which is typically about $ 3 per million cubic feet,” Adcock explains.

He noted that the mayor of Jay saw the rise in charges seen through Globe City Hall and calculated that a family of five could have invoices in excess of $ 4,000 based solely on those charges. Did.

The soaring price purchase was what Oklahoma Natural Gas had to do, a spokesman said in a statement. second hand. The price we pay the supplier is the price the customer pays. There is no markup. “

However, customers cannot understand exactly how it will be reflected in their invoices until April.

That information is slightly contrary to what state leaders said on Monday.

“It must be understood that the majority of Oklahoma does not see a dramatic increase in energy prices as a result of these rising gas costs,” said Kenneth Wagner, Secretary of Energy and Environment, Oklahoma.

Wagner reassures Oklahoma that astronomical bills will not be an issue for most Oklahoma through mitigation efforts, such as seeking help from the federal government and investigating possible gasoline price cuts. It was made.

In a statement, a ONG spokeswoman said the company was looking for options related to the impact of gas prices on its customers.

“We do not set or raise prices for gas. Customers need to be prepared for higher natural gas prices due to the increased use of home heating during the coldest months. Many of our service areas have not seen such low temperatures for more than 100 years. We work with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to work with our customers to significantly increase natural gas market prices during cold weather. We are working on options related to the impact on billing. We have asked the Oklahoma State Corporate Commission to postpone anomalous gas and other related costs associated with recent extreme winter weather events for a reasonable period of time. Demanded that the cost of the customer not be charged at once. ”

You can ask for help with a bill Here through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare..

Concerns over massive utility bills prompting action by state leaders Source link Concerns over massive utility bills prompting action by state leaders

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