Concerns raised over planned demolitions in Walker’s Point – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-10 08:15:17 –

Milwaukee — A proposed demolition permit for a six-story building with 144 apartments along Walker’s Point Fifth Avenue may be approved this month.

Mandel Group Inc. And Catalyst Partners’ proposal occupies the block between Bruce and Pierce Streets and requires the demolition of several buildings.

“Walker’s Point, especially Fifth Avenue here, is a really lively area,” said Jeremy Eversall, Executive Secretary of the Milwaukee Conservation Alliance. “I would rather see those buildings preserved and developments taking place around them.”

That does not mean that they are opposed to development as a whole.

“New developments really need to respect the character of the community,” he said. “What is lost when such a building is demolished is really part of the soul of the community.”

The main concern is the loss of affordable homes.

“It’s a population of real people whose lives are dramatically affected,” Ebersole said.

Developer told Milwalky Business Journal Last summer, they said they would help residents of existing apartments move to comparable or better homes.

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