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From the Beaufort County Concert Association

The Beaufort County Concert Association will welcome performer Emile Pandolfi at the First Baptist Church in Washington on Tuesday, December 7. The show begins at 7:30 pm and performers demand that they wear masks at the concert.
This event is a make-up show for members of the Beaufort County Concert Association, but some non-member tickets can be purchased for $ 30 each. For more information, please contact Ronnie Lott, 252-833-0729.

Show description from Emile Pandolfi’s press kit:

With Emile Pandolfi on stage, the audience will have more than one night of beautiful music. Emile’s friendly humor, sharpened as a house pianist at Los Angeles’ renowned comedy store, highlights the performance, so they also have a night of laughter and fun. This storytelling and comedy, combined with Emile’s incredible piano artistry, makes the show truly unique.

Pandolfi is, very simply, a master of the piano. With a deep understanding of both classical and pop music, you can focus on a wide range of emotions in film themes, musicals and standard arrangements. His shows often include the performances of one of his heroes, Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff. His mastery of musical timing is full of love for friendly comedy. He skillfully moves the audience from laughter to tears and from inspiration to guff.

Emile invited guest vocalist Dana Russell, whose smile illuminated the stage and took part in his performance. Her range, talent and interpretation allow her to perform inspiring ballads, powerful show tunes, heartbreaking torch songs and legitimate operas in one show. Few performers can bring full credibility to that range of genres, and Dana loves it. Regardless of the style of music, Emile and Dana’s compatibility on stage is popular with audiences around the world.

Concert Association presents Emile Pandolfi – Washington Daily News Source link Concert Association presents Emile Pandolfi – Washington Daily News

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