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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-01-14 06:05:46 –

“I worked day and night to prevent war, but I couldn’t. The war broke out because the North was crazy blind and did not rule ourselves.” – Confederate President Jefferson Davis

“People who did nothing to stop the theft. This rally should send them a message: this is no longer their Republican! This is Donald Trump’s Republican!” – Donald Trump Jr. at “Save America March” on January 6, 2021

The last bleaching of the US Capitol was in the 1812 war, when British troops did the same thing as Trump supporters more than 200 years later. After a crowd of Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol on January 6, I was nailed to television between meetings with clients.

What has happened to the Republicans over the past four years is that they have walked the plank for Donald Trump. They did everything with their power to ignore his lies to the Americans. Some members of the party continue to sing his praise even after the attack on the US Capitol. Half of the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted not to prove the outcome of the election from Pennsylvania because the electoral process was taking place late on the night of January 6 after the attack was repelled. Just as Confederate leaders’ love of enslaving blacks and the wealth they generate cloud their judgment, Republicans love the spells cast by Donald Trump. Allowed to cloud.

“We never apologize for speaking to millions of Mizurians and Americans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections.” – Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri)

If Donald Trump, who wasn’t a politician at all before becoming president, could take over the entire Republican Party within four years, what would it say about GOP? Are they patriots as they claim, or does the party support what only Donald Trump says? Does his upset about the party live longer than his time at the White House?

Let’s take a look at the Confederate States of America to collect lessons from the past. They made it clear that they did not truly respect the United States Constitution or the republics it represents. Looking at the Confederate Journal, 1861-1865 is really useful. This is from the Confederate States Constitution, which was created in early 1861.

“We, the Confederates, have their sovereignty to form a permanent federal government, to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, and to ensure the blessings of freedom that benefit ourselves and posterity. The Almighty God’s Guidance establishes and enacts this constitution for the Confederate States of America … Representatives and direct taxes are included in some states that may be included in the Confederate States. Allocated according to their respective numbers, including those who have been detained in service for many years, including three-fifths of all slaves, except for non-taxed Indians. In addition to the total number of free people. “

Many languages ​​are word-for-word in the United States Constitution. The biggest exception is that the terms slavery and slavery appear five times in the Confederate Constitution, but not once in the US Constitution. why? Confederate leaders were honest and not ashamed to look like hypocrites. The founder’s father was afraid to be asked about slavery in his founding documents in support of freedom, justice, and freedom, and as a result, deliberately other terms (all others) to describe more than 600,000 people. People, such people, people who are not bound by service or labor) used the blacks they enslaved at the time.

The following two provisions show how blacks intended to maintain their indentured servitude forever if they had the ability to do so. “Bill of private rights, ex post facto law, or law that denies or undermines the property rights of black slaves shall not be passed.” “The South Army may acquire new territories … in all such territories, it is. As long as it is in the state of territory, the black slavery system currently in existence in the South Army must be recognized and protected by Congress and the territory. Government. “

At its first session on February 4, 1861, Confederate leaders met as an interim parliament, proclaiming reasons for leaving the United States and breaking further ties with the United States. They met in Montgomery, Alabama from February 4th to March 16th, 1861, and created rules and regulations just as the founder’s fathers did when they met in Philadelphia in 1787. ..

The founding fathers of these Confederates were often former members of the US Parliament. Their president, Jefferson Davis, has resigned from his position as a senator on behalf of Mississippi. All but two of the 49 men who signed the Confederate Constitution who attended the US Parliament before and after the Civil War, except two of eight from South Carolina. 6 out of 10 from Georgia; 2 out of 3 from Florida. 3 out of 7 from Mississippi. 2 out of 6 from Louisiana. 2 out of 7 from Texas. Some of the signatories were governors, state legislators, and judges, including judges in the state Supreme Court.

On the day a swarm of terrorists attacked the Capitol, many Americans probably have statues in the same building at the National Statuary Hall or the Capitol Visitor Center, where former Confederate leaders honor them. I was ignorant. Here is a list of their names: Jefferson Davis, Confederate President (Mississippi); James Zacharia George (Mississippi); Wade Hampton III (South Carolina); Edmund Kirby Smith (Florida); Alexander Hamilton Stevens, Confederate Deputy President (Georgia); Zebron Baird Vance (North Carolina); Joseph Wheeler (Alabama). There were two more statues celebrating the Confederate icon. In 2009, Alabama exchanged a statue of Confederate soldier Jabetsu Curry for a statue of Helen Keller. Last December, the statue of Robert E. Lee, commissioned by Virginia, was removed and replaced by one of the civil rights leaders, Barbara Johns. Of these wheelers, Vance, George, and Hampton all served in US Congress after the Civil War.

It’s surprising to think that these Confederate leaders have been honored in the US Capitol after leading a bloody riot that led to the deaths of 620,000 Americans (2% of the country’s population). It should be. Who else praises their traitors and enemies with statues in the Capitol? Is there a statue in the former Confederate capital that honors those who fought in the war? I haven’t confirmed it, but I don’t think there are many.

In 2017, the Washington Post said at the time, “The National Statuary Hall Collection of the Capitol has three times as many Confederate soldiers and politicians as the black statues of the entire Capitol … 12 statues commemorate the individual. I fought for the Confederates or were active in Confederate politics. But there are no black Americans in the Statue Hall Collection … Frederick Douglas and Rosa Parks Bronze have been added. Until 2013, there were no full-scale statues of black Americans. “

“For too long, the Capitol statue and bust collection could include brave African-Americans who influenced and led some of the most important movements in our country’s history. I couldn’t. Placing this statue in a place named Liberation Hall is just one step towards fixing its apparent omissions. “ – Senator Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) to commemorate the statue of Douglas.

Looking at the past four years, given what happened on January 6th and what happened on January 20th, I think we can question the dedication to the Republican Party and its people. Was it more important for Republicans to be in line with Donald Trump’s cult or the citizens they represent? It’s clear that many of these Republicans continue to be in line with Trump for fear of losing their supporters in the next election. Trump’s son threatened these elected officials on January 6 that they should continue to support their father or suffer results.

“For these Republicans, many of them are likely to vote in the coming hours. Today we have a chance. You can be a hero or you can be zero. And the choice is you. But we’re all watching. The whole world is watching, everyone. Choose wisely … these guys fight better for Trump. If not, guess what I’m going to be in your backyard in a few months! .. I have some backbone. I’m showing some fights. Learn from Donald Trump! “(His father, he Said,) “There are more fights in him than all else combined. And they need to stand up. And today they need to march to the Capitol. And we have to march to this country. We need to stand up for, and we need to face the right thing. “

These exciting words, along with the words of his father and Rudy Giuliani, were some of the last words the crowd heard before attacking the Capitol. Nonetheless, no one admits that they have offended this crowd to the point of hysteria. Many of the people there didn’t need this special motive. The FBI reported that there were already plans to attack the Capitol in the days and weeks leading up to the recognition and inauguration of the Electoral College.

Republicans have surrendered for years for fear of disagreement with a very popular president (at least among Republicans), so they sow the seeds of dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the republic that vowed to protect. It was. To blame Donald Trump alone for the January 6th event is crazy and short-sighted.

We must take responsibility for refusing to confront the Republican-supported ideals. Their faces are more than just eggs.

Here in Wisconsin, Republican government members have recently shown contempt for the rule of law.The· Milwaukee Jоurnаl Sеntіnеl report:

“Senator Wisconsin Republicans on Tuesday stopped efforts to condemn the attack on the US Capitol last week, killing five people and beating police officers with a stun gun. Senator Chris Capenga said on Tuesday’s floor session. In the meantime, Senator Jeff Smith of Oakrea rejected a resolution that had nothing to do with the State Senate … Republican Senators agreed with Capenga’s ruling and resolved to block the adoption of the resolution. “

This is today’s Republican Party. I’m not trying to imply that they are the same as the Confederates of the traitors, but there are quite similarities in how they treated themselves. Still, party supporters need to wonder where their loyalty lies. Is it a party? Is it Donald Trump? Or are you going to the country? If you can’t ask your party, what does it say about your politics? Blind loyalty, as we see it, has historically had horrific consequences. What does this blind obedience ultimately lead to? only time will tell.

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