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    Opponents today are presenting a poster in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, Germany, in protest of the so-called “silent procession” against the federal government’s corona policy, “shame you.”

Berlin >> Today, a video of a coronavirus protest was talked about in Germany. There, guards accused a young woman of “disregarding” the Holocaust compared to the famous Nazi resistance fighter.

Some protesting the coronavirus restriction in Germany trying to quell new infections tried to portray themselves as victims of government persecution. Some even bear the Star of David, the symbol that the Nazis wore during the Third Reich before killing the Jews.

The woman spoke on stage in the northern city of Hanover on Saturday night, saying, “I feel like Sophie Scholl because I’m protesting, giving speeches, going to protests and handing out leaflets.” said.

Shoal fought the Nazis with her brother and other members of the Resistance Group White Rose. After distributing leaflets at the University of Munich, she was convicted of treason and executed by the Nazis in 1943 at the age of 22.

While the female protesters were speaking, a young guard approached the stage and repeatedly said, “I’m not going to be a guard of this kind of stupidity.” The woman saw him unbelievably while he called her speech “a trivial thing in the Holocaust.” He was guided by a guard and she threw a microphone in anger.

German Foreign Minister Mars tweeted today that his comparison with Scholl “mocked the courage needed to counter the Nazis.”

“There is nothing to connect the Corona protest with the Resistance Fighter. Nothing!” Mars wrote.

The Nazis organized a genocide of 6 million European Jews during the Third Reich. They also killed tens of thousands of people who opposed their administration, including Communists, Social Democrats, church members, and resistance fighters.

Meanwhile, German officials have generally been praised for dealing with pandemics. European Union countries have reported more than 14,000 coronavirus-related deaths, with only a quarter of the UK’s casualties.

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Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral Source link Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral

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