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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (AP) — Italian Carabinieri troops will investigate the killing of Italians in Congo on Tuesday …

Kinshasa, Congo (AP) — Italian Carabinieri troops in Congo will investigate the killing of a troubled eastern Carabinieri officer and his driver, the Italian ambassador to Congo, on Tuesday.

Congolese authorities and members of the UN mission in Congo are also expected to investigate the killings in Goma, eastern Congo.

Since 2017, Congolese ambassador Luca Atanasio, Carabinieri officer Vittorio Iakovatch and his driver Mustafa Mirambo have announced that the World Food Program fleet will visit Rutshuru’s WFP school project from the eastern capital of Congo, Goma. , Was killed in an ambush. The UN agency said.

The Congolese Interior Ministry said the other four of the convoy had been kidnapped, but one of the kidnapped was subsequently discovered by the Congolese army.

According to North Kivu Governor Curly Zanyu Kasivita, the bodies of the ambassador and officers are on their way back to Italy on a chartered plane by the Italian government.

“Investigation is underway to find the perpetrators of this sneaky crime,” said the governor.

The Congolese government has accused the killing of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, a group of Hutu rebels in Rwanda known as FDLR.

However, a group of rebels denied responsibility for the attack on Tuesday.

“The FDLR declares that nothing is involved in the attack that resulted in the death of the Italian ambassador and asks Congolese authorities and MONUSCO to do everything possible to shed light on the person responsible for this negligible assassination. “I ask,” said Cure Ngoma, a spokesman for the rebels, in a statement.

Rebel groups said the attack took place in a “three-antenna” area near the border between Goma and Rwanda and near the military positions in Congo and Rwanda. It condemned the killing of those troops.

In eastern Congo, there are countless rebels who are as large as Western Europe, rich in minerals, and vying for control of some loosely governed Central African nations.

More than 120 military forces in eastern Congo, which has been in a state of instability for over 25 years, according to the Kivu Security Tracker, a joint project between Human Rights Watch and the Congolese Institute to monitor armed violence in eastern Congo. The costume group is active.

Several armed groups are active in certain areas of the attack, including the FDLR, the Nyatura militia, and the remnants of the former M23 rebels.

Although it is rare for top diplomats to be targeted in eastern Congo, attacks are on the rise, said Pierre Boisselet, coordinator of the Kivu Security Tracker.

“Attack on humanitarian aid and abduction of humanitarian activists are on the rise. Last year, we recorded 12 of these incidents in North and South Kib, but only one died. It was, “he said.

“Usually, armed group violence targets civilians,” or civilians have been injured in clashes between armed groups and the military.

The attack about 25 km (15 miles) north of Goma was right next to Virunga National Park.

UN vehicles were hijacked by attackers and taken to bushes. According to North Kivu Governor Carly Nzanzu Kasivita, a fire broke out as Congolese forces and park guards in Virunga National Park responded to the attack.

According to the Congolese Interior Ministry, Atanasio was transferred to a UN mission at Congo Hospital after being shot in the abdomen and died of injury. The driver and police officer died on the scene.

According to WFP, the attack occurred on previously permitted roads without the attendance of security guards, asking local authorities for more information about the attack.

The Congolese Interior Ministry said North-Kivu state officials did not provide security measures to him because he was unaware of the existence of the Italian ambassador. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, chief of UN peacekeeping operations, said decisions on whether roads are safe are usually made by the UN security authorities in the country.

He said there was no detail about “the exact development of the case” and that “the investigation would hopefully reveal it.”

The Italian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it would spare no effort to know exactly what happened in the tragic attack.

In Rome, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said he would soon explain the attack to parliament and warn of the premature reconstruction of what happened. Roman prosecutors have launched an investigation every time an Italian citizen is killed abroad.

Members of the House of Representatives observed the moment of silence, and when the two men were praised, a flag flew over the half-mast of a government building. Foreign Ministry Secretary-General Elizabetta Belloni said in a one-sided obituary led by Colliere della Serra, he firmly believes that it will help make the world a better place through multilateral diplomacy.

The attack occurred in 2018 in the same area where two British were kidnapped by unidentified armed groups, but was released a few days later.

Eastern Congo is one of the most volatile regions of the vast country. Last week, armed rebels killed more than 2,000 civilians in eastern Congo states, according to a UN report last week.

United Nations peacekeeping operations have worked to reduce the presence of more than 17,000 troops in the country and hand over their security efforts to Congolese authorities.


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