Congressman Crow asks police chiefs, sheriffs to investigate personnel for connection to riot – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-01-12 20:37:15 –

Congressman Denver-Jason Crow sent a letter to his six jurisdiction sheriffs and police The House of Representatives constituency asked them on Sunday to investigate whether any of their staff participated in the attack on the US Capitol last week.

Crow’s letter dated January 10, obtained by Denver7 Investigates, tells departments and offices to “perform an urgent personnel review to identify individuals within the department who participated in the January 6 riots.” I am “

Democrats were one of the last to leave the House last Wednesday, and a minority of Republicans about his actions when a riot prompted by President Trump and others struck the House of Representatives and arrived at the door of the House room. It was praised by the party leaders. Armed police officer.

Crow has repeatedly denounced the actions of these people and asked for answers over the past week as to who broke into the Capitol and how it was easily breached.

His letter also said after a metro police officer told Politico last week that he saw off-duty police officers and military members flashing badges and ID cards when they pushed them into the Capitol. Arrived.

Several Capitol police officers were suspended on Monday, and the Washington Post was investigating more than 12 others on suspicion of being involved in the riots on Wednesday, killing six, including two. Reported. One of them committed suicide.

The Reuters, The Washington Post, and Seattle Times also reported law enforcement officers and firefighters under investigation for being involved in both the first protest on Wednesday and subsequent attempts to rebel. All groups of protesters at the first rally will participate.

“The day after the attack, there are increasing and very nasty reports that some of the terrorists may have been individuals in public trust, including law enforcement officers,” Crow told law enforcement officers. wrote. “It is important to make sure that the civil servants and leadership our community depends on for safety are not involved in the January 6 “

Letters from Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown, CU Anschutz Police Chief Randy Repola, Douglas County Sheriff Tony Sparlock, Greenwood Village Sheriff Dustin Barney, Adams County Sheriff Richard Genborn, Brighton Police Chief Paul Sheriff Doug Stevens and Sheriff Thornton Police Chief Terence Gordon sent to Southerd, Littleton.

Congressman Crow asks police chief, sheriff to investigate staff on relation to riots

Spurlock was the only group to talk to Denver7 Investigates on vinyl. He agrees that officials should be prosecuted, while Crow unfairly targets law enforcement officers, despite evidence that there were police officers from other jurisdictions involved outside of working hours. He said he believed he did.

Spurlock added that he would not comply with Crow’s request, and said that neither of the other chiefs or sheriffs would comply.

“I’m just surprised when I read a member of parliament as another elected civil servant asking an employee what he was doing on holidays and vacations,” Spurlock said. Told. “… I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask such a question. If you have the information, I’ll obviously work with law enforcement. I know the leaders of all law enforcement on this page and they are frank. And I know that I will cooperate immediately. “

He said he understood where the post-riot Crow came from and believed that “some people need to be held accountable,” but said he felt it was incorrect to ask employees about vacations. I added.

“I’m being asked to violate the First Amendment’s right to freedom of movement and freedom of speech employees, and their ability to go on vacation, but I don’t think it should.” Mr. says. “I don’t think I’m in a position to do that because I don’t believe any of the employees were involved. But on the other side … I don’t tolerate such criminal activity and I don’t know why law enforcement officers do that. “

Mr Spurlock said he believed that law enforcement officers who participated in the parliamentary raid should be removed from their position and prosecuted. Sheriffs said they wanted to “look back and go in the opposite direction” if any of his officers were there.

Republican Spurlock said in a letter that he spoke with five other chiefs or sheriffs and received the same response.

“In some words I’ve heard, it’s like a witch hunt. It’s like a target for certain people. I think it’s the wrong way to go.”

Mr. Spurlock heard that there were four Douglas County residents identified as attending the rally, but there was no specific information about them and other agencies were asking for information and information. Said he didn’t. He and the others he spoke to agreed that they would not respond to Crow’s letter and ask their employees, but Sparlock did not talk to them all in the letter. I also admitted that.

“I’m not going to. That’s inappropriate for me. When the FBI comes to me and says,” Hey, we’re probably one of those people … “, I’m 100% Work together and open the door to give them full access to my office. But it’s like you can’t start pointing your finger at an individual. “

In a statement, Arapaho County Sheriff Tyler Brown said he had contacted the FBI and would continue to work with federal law enforcement agencies on “potential criminal activity.” “We are currently unaware of allegations that Colorado law enforcement officers were involved in criminal activity in Washington, DC,” he said.

“If a rioting Arapahoe County lawmaker’s allegation of criminal activity draws our attention, we will use the rule of law and policies and procedures to investigate the allegation and determine appropriate rates and employment status. It turned out to be engaged in criminal activity, “Sheriff Brown added.

Aurora Police spokesperson Matthew Longshore said in a statement that there are no plans to conduct a sector-wide review at this time, and Chief Wilson said, “APD members were involved in such things. There was no information or evidence to suggest. ” Act on that day. “

Longshore added that Wilson is also in contact with the FBI and will be notified if Aurora police officers are involved or suspected of being illegal.

“If an investigation is conducted at that time and it is found to be in violation of a department’s directive, local law or federal law, prompt action will be taken against the department’s members,” Longshore said. I will.

Crow said in a new statement Tuesday evening that he had promised to work with local law enforcement agencies as the investigation continued.

“In these extraordinary times, the mission of our law enforcement officers is more important than ever. We defended our members, their staff, and our democracy during a violent attack. We thank the men and women of the US Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies, “Crow said.

“To respond to this threat of terrorism, we will partner at the state, local and federal levels, work with the FBI and hold the people who participated in the attack on Wednesday accountable. Protect our community and I We thank all those in public trust who have promised to keep their sacred vows to protect our democracy, “added Congressman. “I look forward to discussing and working with our district police chiefs and sheriffs in the coming days and weeks to address the terrorist threats our country faces. “

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