Congressman Mo Brooks has filed a proceeding over his role in the parliamentary raid.

Washington – Republican House of Representatives Mo Brooks of Alabama, from Democratic House of Representatives Eric Swalwell of California, on Sunday January 6 assault At Capitol after Swolwell’s first effort to track Brooks failed.

Brooks tweeted on Sunday that his wife had received a complaint filed by Swolwell in March, accusing a “team” of Congressmen of trespassing on his property.

“The terrifying Swolwell team sneaked into my house and committed a crime that attacked my wife!” Brooks wrote. “Alabama Law 13A-7-2: First Criminal Trespass. 1 Year Imprisonment. Fine $ 6000.”

Brooks spokesman Clay Mills told CBS News that Swolwell’s process server entered the House of Representatives without the knowledge and consent of his wife, Martha Brooks, and refused to leave when she requested it. Mills claimed there was video evidence of the incident, and a spokesman submitted a report to the Huntsville police, but his office does not yet have a copy of the report.

However, Swolwell’s lawyer, Philip Andnian, refuted Brooks’ allegations, saying that “no one tried or even tried to enter Brooks’ house.”

“We asked Mo Brooks to give up the service, but he refused,” Andonian told CBS News. “In response to his boy’s Twitter trolls over the last few days, we suggested meeting him somewhere to do this. Instead of solving things like an adult, he serviced. Continue to avoid and mock this incredibly serious case, “Please make him accountable for the siege of the Capitol. He demands that we serve him and we do it. We look forward to disputing our claim against him in court.

Swolwell’s proceedings filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia brought Brooks, former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Mr. Trump’s private lawyer Rudy Giuliani to parliament five months ago. Accused of inciting a riot in the Capitol. The Democratic Party of California claims that the group’s actions related on January 6 violated federal civil rights and DC laws.

According to the court, Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump Jr., and Mr. Giuliani abandoned the service of the subpoena and the copy of the complaint. Asked the court Last week, another 60 days to serve Brooks, citing “his continued refusal and the inherent difficulty of trying to serve incumbent members of Congress”.

Swolwell’s lawyer contacted Andnian’s Brooks office in Washington to ask if he was willing to abandon the service, but once after talking to two staff members on two different occasions. Andnian also emailed Brooks a formal waiver request and a copy of the complaint, but did not receive a response, according to a copy of the message submitted to the court.

Swalwell also asked the court to order a federal security officer or other person appointed by a judge to respond to the summons “for special circumstances here” and hired a private detective to serve Brooks. Said that. After the attack on January 6, public access to the Parliament building grounds was restricted.

“Plaintiff investigators spent hours in April and May trying to locate and service Brooks in multiple jurisdiction locations, but to no avail. “Swalwell said in court. “Plaintiffs have incurred all costs associated with these efforts.”

Brooks went on to recognize the proceedings filed against him because he considered it a “useless ploy” on Twitter.

Alabama Republicans mocked Swolwell’s attempt to find him and posted to his Twitter account: “I wanted” poster Featured photos of events in Alabama, claiming he has Hasn’t changed his behavior “1 iota” since the proceedings were filed.

Brooks had voted many times in the House of Representatives last week, saying, “I’ve been in public dozens of times. Whatever public place if Swolwell was honest about the litigation service? But he may have served me. ” Proceedings before or after voting.

District Justice Amit Mefta, who was in charge of the case, acknowledged Swolwell’s request to increase the time to process Brooks’ complaint, but sought help from the United States Marshals Service because of “concerns about separation of powers.” Refused.

Mr. Trump, Mr. Giuliani, and Mr. Trump Jr. have asked the court to dismiss Mr. Swolwell’s proceedings.Former president He claimed to have “absolute immunity” From the suit.

Congressman Mo Brooks has filed a proceeding over his role in the parliamentary raid.

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