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Domestic box office revenues are returning to normal, with moderate victories and a significant second weekend decline.

After winning the first weekend of A Quiet Place Part II, North American box office revenue fell 59%, leaving room for the third movie in the Conjuring Universe series to take first place.

Warner Bros. ‘Today’s studio estimates that “The Conjuring Devil has done me” earned an estimated $ 24 million, making it the largest R-Shitei opening in a pandemic. Meanwhile, Paramount’s “Quiet Place” The sequel earned $ 19.5 million in ticket sales, bringing the total domestic value to $ 88.60 million.

“Usually two horror films don’t top the charts, but it was a solid weekend for both films,” said Paul Durgaravedian, senior media analyst at comScore. “The cinema is back and Memorial Day is gone in no time … it feels like summer again.”

In The Conjuring: The Devil Worship 3, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The vast universe is set around these films, which have earned more than $ 1.8 billion at the box office, and is the first “The Conjuring” since 2016, James Wan (Michael Wan). This is the first time that someone other than (Director Graves) has been the director. With an additional $ 26.8 million added from the international arena, R-Shitei photos have generated over $ 57.1 million in revenue worldwide.

Jeff Goldblum, Head of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures, said: It never became a light switch. “

In the pre-pandemic world, “The Conjuring Satanism 3” might have seemed a little disappointing. Both previous installments were about $ 40 million. However, as Goldstein pointed out, the horror franchise’s third movie is often a hit. There is also another caveat. The movie is currently being streamed for free to HBO Max subscribers. WarnerMedia does not disclose how many people watched streaming over the weekend or how many new customers signed up for the service.

Movies that employ a hybrid release strategy in which major studios use the largest titles to direct potential subscribers to streaming services are no longer commonplace. “A Quiet Place Part II” had the unusual difference of being theater-only, but it still takes less time to reach Paramount +.

Walt Disney’s Cruella, which was unveiled at the theater last weekend, is now available for rent at Disney + for $ 29.99. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson’s photos came in third this weekend, adding $ 11.2 million from 3,922 cinemas. Disney also said it didn’t reveal the revenue it earned from streaming rentals, but said it had fallen by only 48% since last weekend. Globally, “Cruella” has earned $ 87.1 million so far. I will.

The family-friendly animated film “Spirit Untamed” was also released this weekend in 3,211 theaters, with an estimated $ 6.2 million in sales. The DreamWorks Animation film features voices from Isabella Merced, Eiza Gonzalez, Julianne Moore, Marsai Martin, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Over the past year, most family movies have moved to streaming, and many major studios have chosen to continue their strategy for the near future. Disney and Pixar’s “Luka” skips the theater and goes straight to Disney +, where subscribers will be free on June 16. DreamWorks Animation’s “Boss Baby” sequel will also be theater with Peacock Kids on July 2. It will be released for the first time at.

The North American theater landscape is still a bit hampered by the pandemic. Most cinemas in Canada remain closed, and about 27% of cinemas in the United States are still closed. Many chains also say that vaccinated customers are now able to use masks for free in theaters.

Hollywood titles have also begun to improve internationally during the last few weeks of the pandemic. In particular, Universal’s latest Fast & Furious franchise, F9, continued to speed up prior to its debut in the United States on June 25th. Only 19 American movies have earned more than $ 200 million in China.

And while release strategies continue to vary from company to company in an unprecedented way, Daga Labedian says the numbers are promising for the theater business, even with home viewing options.

“In the last two weeks, the industry has been able to test dates and dates for theaters only (” Quiet Place Part II “), (paid) subscription models (” Cruella “), and the dates and dates that are part of it. I did. Subscription (“The Conjuring 3”). The numbers are solid, “said Dargara Bedian. “As long as a solid movie continues to be released, box office revenue will increase weekly.”

Estimates of ticket sales from Friday to today at cinemas in the US and Canada, according to comScore. It also includes the latest international numbers from Friday to today, if available. The final domestic figures will be announced on Monday.

1. “The Conjuring The Devil Made Me”, $ 24 million.

2. “Quiet Place Part II”, $ 19.5 million.

3. “Cruella”, $ 11.2 million.

4. “Spirit Untamed”, $ 6.2 million.

5. “Raya and the Last Dragon” $ 1.3 million.

6. “Wrath of Man”, $ 1.3 million.

7. “Spiral”, $ 890,000.

8. “Godzilla vs. Kong”, $ 463,000.

9. “Theatrical Version” Devil’s Blade Infinite Train “”, $ 450,000.

10. “Dream Horse”, $ 230,053.

‘Conjuring 3’ tops ‘A Quiet Place 2’ as moviegoing returns Source link ‘Conjuring 3’ tops ‘A Quiet Place 2’ as moviegoing returns

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