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Memphis, Tennessee (AP) — Memphis Grizzlies fans cheered on Mike Conley earlier this year and he finally gained all-star recognition …

Memphis, Tennessee (AP) — Memphis Grizzlies fans cheered Mike Conley earlier this year when Mike Conley was finally recognized as an All-Star in the 14th season.

Now they are working hard not to boo the guards they have loved for a long time.

“Sometimes you live long enough to be a villain. I think I’m Memphis Grizzlies now, but I’m that villain,” Conley said.

Conley is trying to bring top-seeded Utah Jazz to the NBA Finals, but missed him in the seven-year playoffs at Memphis. Conley will replace him at Ja Morant’s Memphis, returning Grizzlies to the playoffs for the first time in four years.

Morant leads the youngest roster with 33.7 points per game this postseason, following Luka Doncic and Kawhi Leonard. Conley, who scored 27 points with a 121-111 victory and gave jazz a 2: 1 lead, says he feels like a complete lap in an unexpected way.

“It’s great to be able to play against a guy like Ja in the first place. I saw a very talented guy, a young superstar in the league, wearing a jersey I’m used to, gathering cheers and spectators. “It’s just.” Those who are used to listening are surreal, “Conley said.

All-star guard Donovan Mitchell says Conley was trapped during the bubble last summer.

“And I’ve seen it at an even higher level now,” Mitchell said.

Utah was able to take a 3 to 1 lead in the NBA’s Bright Night Game 4 on Monday night, and Philadelphia is about to end its sweep in Washington, the only other game. Jazz wants to get rid of the hungry Grizzlies as soon as possible.

“This team isn’t the one we want to play with,” Conley said. “We have tried many things, but they continue to attack and find ways to give themselves a chance to win.”

The 76ers are on the verge of sweeping for the first time in 36 years. The loss of 132-103 in Round 3 is the first time he has won the first three games of the series since he overwhelmed Milwaukee in the 1985 Eastern Conference semifinals.

Coach Scott Brooks said Wizards’ goal was to bring the series back to Philly.

“We fought a lot. We have overcome a lot,” Brooks said on Sunday. “This is another opportunity for us to do that.”

Wizards 76ERS

Philadelphia leads 3-0. Game 4, 7 pm EDT, TNT.

— Need to know: Reminds those who didn’t know why Joel Embiid was doing the show and he was a finalist in the NBA MVP. He scored 36 points in the best playoff game ever and scored 14 out of 18 shots despite missing the entire fourth quarter.

— Keep an eye on: Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris. Embiid got so much attention that Simmons assisted double-double away and Harris scored 20 points and 13 rebounds.

— INJURY WATCH: Russell Westbrook. After hurting his right ankle in Round 2, he made a triple-double in the 11th postseason of his career, a decision during the match in Round 3, and ranked third in NBA history alongside Jason Kidd. Brooks spoke to Westbrook on Sunday.

“He’s always tough,” Brooks said. “He knows what’s at stake. He wants to play, compete and keep fighting for his teammates, but he says it’s not bad.”

— Pressure on: Wizard. They finished the season with a 17-6 run to enter the play-in round, but have since been 1 win and 4 losses. The 76ers showcase both their lack of playoff experience and top-level talent other than Bradley Beal, the last remaining NBA No. 2 scorer at the end of the season.

Jazz at Grizzlies

Utah leads 2-1. Game 4, Eastern Daylight Saving Time 9:30 pm, TNT.

— Need to know: The team that led the NBA in 16.7 3 seconds per game is back after an ugly shooting performance in Game 1. It felt like Memphis hit 3 for each bucket of paint.

— Keep an eye on: Morant scored 101 points in the first three games of the playoffs. Following Wilt Chamberlain, George Mikan and Kareem Abdul Jabber, he is the fourth player in NBA history to score more than 100 points in the first three games since 1970.

— INJURY WATCH: Mitchell looks healthy and has sprained his right ankle, so he couldn’t play in 17 games, including the first in the series, so he’s playing well every game. He’s playing well on Saturday night. After being limited to 26 players in Game 2, I played for nearly 30 minutes.

— Under pressure: Grizzlies must win Monday night and avoid returning to Utah on the verge of defeat.


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