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New York >> When Dr. Alexa Mieses Malchuk talks to patients about the COVID-19 vaccine, she tries to feel where they are getting information.

“The education I have to provide can seem to depend on which news channel they are watching,” said a doctor in Durham, North Carolina.

Mixed messaging may come from the same media outlet and even from the same source. On Monday’s Fox News Channel, host Sean Hanity looked straight at the camera and delivered a clear message. “It makes absolutely sense for many Americans to be vaccinated. I believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccination.”

Nevertheless, Hanity followed up his statement by interviewing a woman protesting the university’s requirement to vaccinate students. This is a segment that appeals to people skeptical about promoting immunization. His Golden Time colleagues, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, launched their own program by questioning their vaccination efforts.

Skepticism about COVID-19 vaccination is a common media theme that appeals to conservatives, despite guarantees from doctors and scientists that the vaccine is safe and effective. Some medical professionals are worried that the conflicting takes and complete distrust of vaccines, as demonstrated by the personality of the influential media, will contribute to the failure to meet the vaccination goals aimed at stopping the pandemic. doing.

The recent two exchanges on Fox News Channel’s popular morning show, Fox & Friends, show a mixed message.

Guest host Lawrence Jones, even if vaccinated, said when Los Angeles County was discussing a decision to reinstate the obligation to wear masks indoors: What is the purpose of doing that? why? ‘”

“Well, you won’t die,” replied fellow Steve Doocy. “That’s a good reason.”

Fox’s most influential person, Doothy, who claims to support vaccination, shouldn’t be judged if he takes on co-host Brian Kilmead on Monday and decides that people won’t be shot. Stated. Doothy replied that the majority of people dying from COVID-19 were not vaccinated.

“That’s their choice,” Kilmead replied.

Several people on the Fox News channel have been vaccinated and their status, including Bill Hemmer, Dana Pernod, Bret Baier, Greg Gutfeld, and the Fox & Friends morning team of three members. Has been announced. The founder of the network, Rupert Murdoch, was also beaten.

Hannity said he was going to be vaccinated, but the Golden Time hosts, who always have the largest audience, keep their position on their own. When asked directly by two journalists whether they were vaccinated, Carlson replied by asking about their favorite sexual positions.

Even casual media consumers targeting conservatives over the past few months have absorbed deep skepticism about vaccines.

According to Martyuk, some patients who are willing to receive advice on diabetes and other medications resist her encouragement that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective in preventing serious illness. There are also people.

“I see a polarization in where people get information from and from whom.

Dr. Laura Morris, who works in the Missouri region where COVID-19 infections have seen a surge, wants less polarization and more people are more likely to see the positive effects of the vaccine. He said he would have reacted.

“Currently, there are many things that are harmful to public health,” she said. “Whatever you say the vaccine isn’t good for you, it’s wrong.”

Social media and the Internet are the main contributors to the surprising flow of disinformation about vaccines that US surgeon General Vivek Murthy warned last week.

Doctors like Marchuk and Morris, who regularly see patients in Fulton, Missouri, suspect that the Internet is behind a more eccentric theory they dispel.

Most themes of talk radio and television networks such as Fox, Newsmax and One America News are more subtle or philosophical.

The vaccine is experimental, not yet fully approved, but one line of attack. Watch what happens. There is no reason for young people to get it. Excellent innate immunity. What I do is not your job. The government, especially the Biden administration, is invading your life and trying to control your body.

“The advice they give you isn’t designed to help,” Carlson said at his show on Monday, the most popular on cable news. “It is designed for you to follow.”

Two hours later, Ingraham said it was President Joe Biden and his allies, not the conservative media figures, who were the “superspreaders” of the COVID-19 false alarm.

The cumulative effect of the story is to question the minds of those who may already be looking for ways to avoid chemical-filled needle and syringe jabs getting into the body, he started the MarkedBy organization. Christine Urquiza said COVID after her father died of the virus.

“They don’t come out and say’don’t vaccinate’,” Urquiza said. “Their strategy is to create a culture of turmoil.”

Carlson and Ingraham have been the most active questions about vaccination. “The idea of ​​being able to force people to take drugs they don’t want or need,” says Carlson, is scandalous. But he also told viewers on Monday: Vaccines may have great benefits. Our hearts are open and from day one. I have never advised anyone to vaccinate or not. Obviously, we are not doctors. “

Ingraham suggested to viewers to “hide your child” from “Biden’s Vaccine Pusher”. She also said on Monday, “We all want to be healthy and safe and their risk assessments to be done properly.”

In the conservative media, the register is portrayed as a hero. Fox’s Pete Hegses welcomed a woman who photographed herself confronting two health workers urging residents of a Los Angeles estate to be vaccinated and told them to leave the building. One America News network host Dumbbell invited Republicans as guests. He praised the way politicians refused to answer “activist journalists” who asked about the status of vaccination.

Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt questioned on July 9 whether vaccination was against nature.

“If there is any illness there, there may be a decline and flow into life where something is supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people, and that’s the way it evolves,” he said. Told. “Vaccines get in the way.”

Since then, Newsmax and its founder, Chris Ruddy, have stated that he and the network have strongly supported Biden’s efforts to distribute the vaccine widely.

The impact of this messaging is difficult to measure. A Washington Post ABC News poll at the end of June stated that 86% of Democrats received at least one shot, compared to 45% of Republicans.

Kathleen Hall Jamison, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, who is studying this issue, said prolonged exposure to media messages about vaccines affects attitudes. However, viewers tend to be specific beliefs, and TV producers are accustomed to what they want to hear.

Ulkiza believes that many vaccine segments in retailers trying to reach conservatives have nothing to do with drugs, rather than fostering a sense of dissatisfaction that the government needs to put your back down. Said.

“They are confidently lacking in lifesaving measures,” she said. “It’s scary to see.”

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