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Denver, Colorado 2020-10-17 23:17:54 –

SAN FRANCISCO – A free speech protest organized by conservative activists quickly collapsed in downtown San Francisco on Saturday after several hundred counter-protesters stormed the area, outnumbering and attacking those that were gathered, including hitting one in the mouth.

A photographer working for the Associated Press saw a Trump supporter being taken in an ambulance and an injured San Francisco policeman on the ground near United Nations Plaza in San Francisco.

Team Save America organized the rally to protest Twitter, which it says stifles conservative rhetoric. Members of the group wore red hats from the Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign and pro-police “Thin Blue Line” flags and American flags.

Philip Anderson, the event’s organizer, posted photos on social media of his bloody mouth with a missing front tooth and another hanging down. He said anti-fascist protesters attacked him “for no reason”.

Anderson took the stage around 1 p.m. and was greeted with chants and plastic water bottles and glass bottles thrown over police barricades.

The event was canceled, although both sides lingered in the area in the afternoon.

The San Francisco Police Department said three officers sustained non-fatal injuries after being assaulted with pepper spray and caustic chemicals. An officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment, the department said.

No arrests were made, the department said.

Anderson called the counter-protesters hypocrites and said that was why he was voting for President Donald Trump.

“I love America, I love this country and I love freedom of speech,” he said.

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