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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2022-05-06 16:50:44 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma-Tulsa’s construction company hopes that surveillance videos will help catch two thieves who stole expensive trailers.

“If someone wants something wrong, unfortunately they will accept it,” said Brett Rogers, project manager at Reco Construction.

Reco Construction is near 41st and Sheridan. On April 29, two thieves stole a trailer from a business.

This is not the first time they have dealt with trailer theft.

The company has made a number of security changes since the last theft. They make sure the camera has been updated and are equipped with barbed wire and a sturdy fence.

It didn’t stop the thief last Friday night.

The surveillance video shows two men using a grinder to unlock the fence. They use a pickup truck to mount the trailer before taking off.

It only took a few minutes, and it’s a crime that Rogers says is frustrating.

“We were shocked to find out that it happened on Friday shortly after leaving midday, not at midnight when we thought it would happen,” Rogers said.

He says the theft was systematic and professional. In a surveillance video two hours before the crime, a maroon Tahoe returns to the gate and takes a closer look at the trailer.

Then at around 7:45 pm, two men covering their faces boarded a pickup truck that knew exactly where to go.

“They knew what they were doing,” Rogers said. They did it before. They knew how to operate the trailer. “

The construction company is working on a project throughout Tulsa. They say the trailer was essential to their operation.

“If you can’t move equipment from site to site, it slows down,” Rogers said.

This is the second theft they have dealt with in two years. Their neighborhood business lost three trailers during the last year.

“I think there are people out there who make this a full-time life and make theft a part of their profession,” Rogers said.

They want someone to recognize Tahoe, a truck, or two guys.

You can call the company at 918-665-4244 or contact the Tulsa police. Reco Construction offers a $ 1,000 reward.

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