Continental Europe Enters Gender War

DEBATES ABOUT Transgender rights, which are the most angry and furious in the English-speaking world, are now being strengthened throughout Europe. Last month, the Spanish Parliament voted against a bill that would allow people to determine their gender. The next day, Germany rejected two such bills. Few newspapers paid attention to it.

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self-IDAs is known, the idea is that people can change the legal marker of gender simply by saying that without jumping over the medical circle. The transgender group states that this is very important for transgender people who are facing daily prejudices. In Germany, one of the bills submitted by the Greens proposed allowing children to undergo sex reassignment surgery from the age of 14, even if parents objected. You will also be fined € 2,500 ($ 3,045) for referring to a transgender person based on gender at birth.

As in other places, the discussion was divided LGBT community. “It is unbearable for transgender people to continue to be exposed to long and costly proceedings while degrading their reputation,” he said. LSVD, One of Germany’s largest groups in response to defeat. However, some feminists and gay rights groups could be told that such legislation could endanger women and lead more gay teenagers to transgender hormones and surgery. It states that there is.The proposal is “an authoritarian move dressed as a liberal,” says Mary Bainhorn. LGB Alliance Deutschland, a gay rights group.

The Spanish bill was proposed by the leftist party Podemos. It wouldn’t have set its own age limit-IDAllows minors to suppress puberty and hormones and allows men identified as women to play in women’s sports.France allowed selfID In 2016, there was little public debate. Ireland did so in 2015. Italy has not yet allowed it.

In Scandinavia, doctors are leading the backlash. In May, the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, which includes Sweden’s largest adolescent gender clinic, announced new guidelines for not prescribing blockers and hormones for children under the age of 18. This challenges the protocol proposed by the World Association of Experts for Transgender Health (WPATH), The body that only says “affirmation” of the child’s declared gender is “standard treatment”.

The study has had an impact. In a 2015 paper, Finnish psychiatrist Riittakerttu Kaltiala-Heino found that more than 75% of adolescents applying for sex reassignment surgery need assistance with psychiatric problems other than gender identity. (Another paper published this year found that 88% needed such assistance.) Finland last year adopted strict guidelines that prioritize treatment over hormones and surgery.

Amparo Domingo of the Valencia Women’s Human Rights Campaign states that the defeat of the bill was due to domestic politics rather than people understanding and rejecting the problem. “Most Spaniards don’t know what it is.” Four new bills on “gender identity” (two proposing self)ID) Drafted. If Greens succeeds in the German elections in September, they may also resubmit the bill. The discussion is not over yet. ■■

This article was published in the printed European section under the heading “Trans-national”.

Continental Europe Enters Gender War

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