Contraception may then ignite after the Roe v. Wade case is overturned | US News

Following the bomb release of the decision that shows the majority of US Supreme Court Judges could overturn the Roe v. Wade case, and legal experts believe that other laws on personal autonomy, including the right to access contraception, could be at risk.

Laws that widely ban abortion may also ban certain forms of contraception that opponents mistakenly claim to act as drugs that cause abortion. Griswold vs. Connecticut, a Supreme Court ruling upholding the right to access contraception, could also be fired in much the same way as Rho.

“If this [draft] Opinions become court opinions, and Griswold is at stake – there is no doubt, ”said Wendy Palmetto, faculty co-director of the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University.

Judge Samuel Alito argues in his draft decision that Law is a false law. Roe is based on the amendments to Article 14, as well as decisions such as Obergefell v Hodges on same-sex marriage, Loving v Virginia on interracial marriage, and Lawrence v Texas on consensual sex.

“I don’t read the opinion as Law was an illegal tangent to the Foundation,” Palmett said in the Fourteenth Amendment. “It really reads as if the Foundation was inappropriate and unfounded. Therefore, judges will find it difficult to distinguish from contraception.”

Arito clearly states that a similar law is safe because it is not about “moral” issues as abortion is, but why the same logic could not be applied to other legal decisions. No, experts say.

“When the draft becomes a real opinion, all these issues, such as contraception, consensual gender, and the right to marriage, are definitely at risk,” said Priscilla, a lecturer on law and reproductive justice at Yale Law School. Smith says. “They definitely left the door wide open.”

Arito argues in the draft that the right to abortion is not clear in the Constitution. (This is partly due to the fact that abortion was legal in the United States at the time of framing, before the fetal movement was first felt “rushed”.) Similarly, contraception is specifically constitutional. Since it is not mentioned, a strict interpretation of the right is possible. Exclude it.

“There are many decisions that follow the idea of ​​constitutional rights to privacy,” Parmet said. “If you discard the most well-known decision in a case in that category, you’ll get all the other cases.”

The right to access contraception cannot be challenged on its own, but it can be addressed under strict abortion laws. Both new legislation and old state legislation on pre-Roe books have been introduced.

Abortion opponents mistakenly claim that certain contraceptive methods, such as Plan B and certain intrauterine devices (IUDs), can interfere with the implantation of fertilized eggs and thus act as a contraceptive. However, these medicines cannot end a pregnancy because there is no pregnancy without implantation.

Still, in some states, criminal charges may be imposed on people who offer contraceptives who claim to ban abortion. “Because there are states that want to ban abortion at the moment of pregnancy, that is, before fertilization. Before pregnancy.”

In some states, these measures can be taken further to ban other forms of contraceptives.

“There is undoubtedly a great impetus by the world of anti-abortion to do this as much as possible,” Smith said.

“There is an entire wing of this group that opposes abortion and only supports sexual intercourse if it is in the context of marriage and it is designed to breed. The use of contraception interferes with it. . “

Nationally, advocates of anti-abortion have stated that “not only are we prepared to reverse the protection of abortion, but we are also prepared to protect the right to life of the fetus. The fetus is guaranteed a right to life under the Constitution. “I’m a person who has an abortion,” Smith said. ..

“If things don’t change, that’s where we go.”

Contraception may then ignite after the Roe v. Wade case is overturned | US News

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