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Contractor accused of Simpsonville double murder – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville County, South Carolina (WSPA) —The arrest warrant revealed that 57-year-old Jerry Yancey entered the homes of Ansel and Alice Butiron on the night of June 15, armed with a pistol. The agent says he shot them both multiple times.

“We know he was a contractor who agreed with them and did some work,” said Greenville County Sheriff Hobert Lewis. “He felt like they were borrowing money from him. Buichiron felt like he was owed to them repair work to get the job done. It’s a kind of conflict in their home. At that point he shot both of them. “

Yancey was not a licensed contractor in South Carolina.

Sheriff Lewis said 7NEWS Yancey might have been drinking before the shooting.

“He called the sheriff’s office before the murder,” Lewis said. “It was clear that he was drunk.”

The investigation led an agent to WoodSpring Suites on Monday. An agent who placed Yancey in a hotel room.

“When I heard the shooting, the agent knocked on the door, which changed things dramatically,” Lewis explained. “Everyone took the position of the cover and finally entered the room. The suspect inside was found dead from a gunshot wound due to self-harm.”

Yancey was charged with two murders, two violent crimes in possession of weapons, and one robbery.

Neighbors told 7NEWS on Tuesday that they were relieved to know that the suspect was no longer on the street. Friends and loved ones were overwhelmed by Butiron’s death.

“I want people to remember Alice as someone who really cares about others,” said Charlie Brainard.

Brainard has known Alice Butiron for over a decade. He said she entered his office the day she was killed.

“She was her ordinary, happy, fun and loving self,” Brainard explained. “The next day, I was really shocked when I learned what had happened.”

Brainard said Alice always had a smile on her face.

“The world needs more people like Alice. People like her who care for others,” Brainard said.

Sheriff Hobert said his team was talking to Yancey’s girlfriend to learn more about possible motives.

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