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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-05-27 16:57:41 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The State Supreme Court upheld the conviction of the murdered man, Davon Lymon. Albuquerque police Officer Daniel websterLymon has been sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting and killing Webster during a traffic outage in Eubank and Central in 2015.

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According to a news release, Police Officer Webster was shot dead in an attempt to handcuff Rimon, who was stopped while driving a motorcycle that was reportedly stolen. According to a news release, Webster took out his weapon when he got out of the police car, but after putting it in the holster, he handcuffed Rimon’s left wrist, and Rimon pulled out the pistol with his right hand and fired multiple shots.

Rimon claimed he was afraid of his life and shot Webster to protect himself. He appealed for several reasons, among which the judge should instruct the jury on self-defense. The claim that it was was also included.

Rimon also alleged that the judge had unfairly dismissed the request for retrial because of the possible jury’s misconduct. The Supreme Court ruled that the judge acted correctly and upheld the conviction.

According to a news release, the court concluded in Judge C. Shannon Bacon’s statement, “But the court of first instance did not abuse its discretion and did not enforce the jury when it issued two notes to the jury. I will attach it. “

According to the same news release, “It was rational and necessary for Police Officer Webster to get out of the car with his weapons, as stopping and approaching the bike poses an imminent threat to his safety as a police officer.” The court is writing.Moreover, the fact that APD considers pulling a weapon to be a use of force does not render such behavior. excess Power. Most importantly, the officer Webster had his weapon in the holster, reducing the amount of force he used after the encounter. “

Convictions upheld in APD officer’s death Source link Convictions upheld in APD officer’s death

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