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Riverside, California 2021-06-09 09:22:47 –

As I was on the coastal bend towards the KRIS6 News, Family Favorite Foods segment, I noticed a stop at Corpus Christi’s Mesquite House BBQ.

Owner and pitmaster Eduardo Vásquez, located on the west side of the town, says his barbecue can only be grilled in Mesquite. What I learned from my grandfather.

“I was by my grandfather and just picked up what he did and the passion he had. Now I think it’s in me. He used to chase chickens there. I couldn’t, but I was by his side. “

Basquez and his crew start the day at 6 am. He’s new to his place, but not BBQ. It is that he and his grandfather have grown together. That love inspired him to open the Mesquite House BBQ. Smoked meat with mesquite and using his grandfather’s recipes and techniques set him apart from other barbecue facilities in town.

“Most of the juice he uses is used in our meat and in his wrapping,” Vasquez said.

Mesquite House BBQ and Catering offers almost everything.

“There are beef ribs called Dino ribs, pork ribs, sausages and chicken. We also do peach cobbler and it’s mesquite smoke coming out of the grill,” says Basquez.

Paulo Salazar of Sunrise Anchor stopped by Family Favorite Foods again, so this was a delicious feast.

Do you have a family recipe you would like to share? Contact Paul via social media or email and he may come to your kitchen.

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Cooking up BBQ in South Texas with mesquite Source link Cooking up BBQ in South Texas with mesquite

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