Cooler that keeps tailgate drinks refreshing


We are in the middle of summer. In short, there are still many opportunities for adjustment. Whether you’re in the park for a July barbecue or supporting your favorite sports team, a cold drink is a must. Whether you’re looking for a cooler to serve a large number of guests, or want to keep your personal chag-jag cool, we’ll cover you.

We searched Amazon for top-class choices in different styles.So next time you Pack the truck For tailgates, make sure you have a cooler to handle hydration. Don’t forget the ice.

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Mini Playmate 4 Quart Cooler

Igloo’s iconic Playmate continues to be the top choice for personal coolers. A room for a lid that tilts back and a handful of cans, it’s a great way to bring your chosen drink and keep them all on your own.

9 quart portable cooler

This cooler is designed to hold nine cans or an entire meal, and the bail handle makes it easy to carry. Made in the USA, it has a sturdy construction that keeps it intact for long periods of time. This is a great choice for a couple’s worthwhile nutrition.

15.8-Quart Soft Cooler

This soft cooler can hold up to 24 cans and one or two sandwiches. The outside is made of water resistant Oxford fabric for durability and the inside is lined with food grade PEVA foil to keep the temperature low.

Insulated cooler backpack

This is an interesting cooler as it is hands-free and can be carried on your back. The main compartment holds up to 30 cans and the pocket has space for the rest of the gear. Inside, insulation and a leak-proof liner work together to keep your drink cool.

20 quart cooler

RTIC manufactures some very rugged coolers, but this is no joke. Freezer-grade gaskets, sturdy T-latch, and up to 3 inches of insulation keep bevs ice cold for several days. According to reviews, it can hold up to 36 cans without ice.

45 quart cooler

Now we are in a big and suitable tailgate cooler. This 45 quart option boasts a rotomould construction for durability and ice retention. A 15mm gasket keeps cold air out and a convenient drain after the party removes melted water.

48 quart cooler

Your basic tailgate ice chest, which is designed for capacity rather than time to keep the ice frozen in Sahara. With 64 cans and plenty of space for ice, it’s perfect for a busy day party. Think of it as an affordable way to get a cold drink with Coogee.

50 quarter wheel cooler

Thanks to its portability, this wheeled cooler is a great choice. The telescopic handle allows you to pull it around the breeze, and the sturdy wheels make it easy to tackle parking lots with potholes. This is ideal for multi-day events, as it claims a capacity of 84 cans and a 5-day ice retention period.

65 quart ice chest


Have you ever seen a Yeti ad that a cooler keeps drinks safe and is surrounded by burnt-out homes from hungry bears and the cold? Aside from creative marketing, these coolers are legal. If you’re serious about keeping your drink cold and enjoying the Yeti influence, this 65-quart chest is perfect for your next tailgate.

Ice chest with 100 quart wheels

If you are the next big tailgate drink boss, consider using this. The 100 quart capacity is enough to keep everyone hydrated and happy, with handles and wheels, and it’s pretty handy to carry. You can’t keep the ice frozen for long periods of time, but it’s a great way to move a lot of cold drinks.

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Cooler that keeps tailgate drinks refreshing

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