Cop26: Biden encourages action on climate change and vows that the United States “set an example and lead” | Cop26

Joe Biden warns that the climate crisis poses a “threat of existence to human existence, as we know it,” and tells other world leaders that the U.S. president will realize this vision at home. With questions about capacity remaining, he urged us to embark on a transformation to clean energy. ..

Biden addressed the sparse meeting rooms at the important United Nations Climate Change Conference, which began in the frigid and drizzle of Glasgow, where the conference “kick-offs decades of ambition and innovation to sustain our shared future.” Said that it must function as.

The president added: Do you do what you need to do? Or do you blame future generations for suffering? “

Biden’s administration Trying to reaffirm America’s credibility After Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement and dismissed climate science, at a rally in about 200 countries known as Cop26 in Scotland.The world of scientists Terrible out of orbit To avoid dire climate change, leaders of poor and vulnerable countries are using negotiations to warn the public that they are facing an upcoming cataclysm.

In his speech, Mr. Biden, in Mr. Trump’s tacit understanding, “will show the world that the United States is not only returning to the table, but is in control by the power of our example. “. “I know that’s not the case, which is why my administration is working overtime to show that our commitment to climate change is action, not word.”

“Now we’re not enough. We don’t have time to stop, sit on the fence, or discuss with ourselves,” continued the president. “This is our collective life-long challenge, an existential threat to human existence, as we know it, and every day we slow the increase in the cost of negligence.”

Weiden said wealthy and major polluters, such as the United States, have an “overwhelming responsibility” to help smaller countries struggling to deal with. Increased floods, fires and heat waves caused by global heating..

Before arriving in Glasgow, Biden was also targeting some other major emitters because he wasn’t doing enough to prevent the Earth’s heating from exceeding 1.5 ° C. He said these countries “basically China did not appear, not just in Russia, but in terms of tackling climate change.” I was disappointed”

At the side event, Biden also effectively apologized for his predecessor. “I don’t think we should apologize, but we apologize for the fact that the last administration, the United States, withdrew from the Paris Agreement and placed us behind the eight-ball,” Biden said.

But climate activists gathered outside the Glasgow venue on Monday, welcoming more than 120 world leaders, claiming that Biden wasn’t responding to his own words. The president touted a vast proposed climate bill that would be “the most important investment made by developed countries to deal with the climate crisis so far,” but after the bill was blown away by key senators. I’m stuck in Congress. People with a wide range of connections with fossil fuels..

Valsinipla Kash, Executive Director of the Sunrise Movement, said: “It’s humiliating and we can’t meet the moment we are.”

Biden was also attacked as his administration was reluctant to significantly reduce oil and gas drilling in the United States. Activists say the president’s “climate leadership” story contradicts the daily suffering of the community at the forefront of US gas and oil production. In the first six months of the Biden administration, about 2,500 new oil and gas permits were approved. This is the number that the Trump administration took a year to reach.

Outside speaker Cop26 On Monday, only 23 civil society observers were able to hear the leader’s speech. The community included black and indigenous leaders at the forefront of the effects of fossil fuel extraction, such as air pollution, polluted drinking water and land across the United States.

Tom Goldtooth, Native American Leader of the Indigenous Environment Network, said: If we indigenous people don’t come, we’re on the menu. We are here to protect people, we want to live. “

Biden’s speech, which took place shortly after Cop26 officially opened, acknowledged the growing distress of the escalating, rarely checked climate crisis. “It’s the unborn children who judge us,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, adding that “if we fail, they won’t forgive us.” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that “we are digging our graves” as we continue to fail to dramatically reduce Earth’s heat emissions.

Cop26: Biden encourages action on climate change and vows that the United States “set an example and lead” | Cop26

Source link Cop26: Biden encourages action on climate change and vows that the United States “set an example and lead” | Cop26

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