Copley 9/11 survivor – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-11 13:39:40 –

Copley, Ohio (WJW) – For Steve Vieltorf September 11 I didn’t see him perform on TV. It was what he lived.

The Copley man was in New York City for the second day of training with Morgan Stanley on the 61st floor of the South Tower when the first plane crashed north and south.

“When I saw a bunch of paper flying out of the window, I knew something was wrong,” said Biertorf. He said he was unaware that the plane had hit the building, but “later we started receiving calls.”

He started a long 45-minute trek down the stairs, even though he told people to return to their office. He was getting off halfway when he felt the tower sway, just as the second plane hit near the floor where he left.

“Probably more scary than the first impact of moving a building every minute or so, but you’ll hear a bunch of steel and concrete moving around on your head,” he said.

Vieltorf arrived at the exit and went out onto the street. The street was full of debris and injured. He said he saw a lump of engines in the bank lobby.

As he moved north away from the burning building, he heard a loud noise.

“Suddenly I see a building falling in front of me. It was making a fuss. And I just turned around and ran,” he said.

He sneaked into the building when a huge cloud of dust and debris struck Lower Manhattan. He continued until he found a pay phone to work to bring his wife home.

His wife picked him up and traveled to New York to take him back to his two young daughters. One-third was born a year later.

“I had my wife and young family take care of me, so I had the opportunity to do that,” Vieltorf said.

Twenty years later, the image of the day resonates with him. So is the moment of broken heart and compassion.

“I’m definitely lucky, that’s for sure,” he said. “Mathematically, let’s see how likely it is to be in a building that day and escape. I know a lot of people went out, but a lot of people didn’t. It was. “

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