Corey Perry joins Lightning hoping to win another Stanley Cup – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-10-12 14:28:06 –

Tampa, Florida — Tampa Bay Lightning fans may take some time to warm up to one of the new faces on this year’s roster.

Veteran forward Corey Perry wears a blue and white sweater after instigating a Lightning player in the final two Stanley Cup Finals and touching his skin.

Perry is one of the players that fans hate when they belong to the other team.

“”He’s a little mouse, I can say that, “said Lightning Forward Patrick Maroon.

But when he’s on your team, fans love him.

“You guys saw, he’s always scoring against us,” Maroon added. “I think there’s a reason I turned to pick him up this year.”

Perry lost to Lightning in the last two seasons of the Stanley Cup Finals. Last year with the Montreal Canadiens and 2020 with the Dallas Stars.

“Everyone called me and said they wanted to win again,” Perry said. “These words that come out of everyone’s mouth right after winning show what kind of group we have here.”

Perry also spent several years at Anaheim Ducks, winning the Stanley Cup and NHL Player of the Year awards in 2007. It is also the place where he became a close friend of Maroon.

“He’s like my neighbor now, so it’s cool to spend time with him, with his wife, and with his kids,” Maroon said. “I’m really looking forward to it. I think he’ll be a big asset for this team. I think he’s willing to win again. He tastes sour in his mouth. He’s this team. I believe we can win three straight games. “

Perry could also end up playing on the same line as Maroon.

“I think the gritty line we had last year fits it. It’s important to remember that he scored 50 goals in this league,” Maroon said. “He can score and find a way to avoid the net. He is very effective in power play and we have a really good power play.”

36-year-old Perry has signed a two-year, $ 2 million deal with Lightning.

Corey Perry joins Lightning hoping to win another Stanley Cup Source link Corey Perry joins Lightning hoping to win another Stanley Cup

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