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Coronavirus in Colorado — Latest updates, Nov. 22 | Colorado Springs News – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Coronavirus news and updates from Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, and elsewhere in Colorado and the United States

-When a pandemic broke out in March, that is, when the sports world paused like the whole world, many people had their sports cards collect their stuff. Hidden in the corners of the closet and basement was a better, brighter era card collection. Young and innocent days. The man wiped off the dust and became like a boy again.

“When we shut down, we didn’t realize that people were getting together and reconnecting to the sports card,” says John Harding, here at Johns Sports Collectibles. “But it was happening, and now it’s just exploding.” Click here for the full text.

App The builder was planning a prank, so Verified COVID-19 cases May trigger an alert. They were planning a fierce criticism of privacy.But as more states deploy smartphones Contact tracing technology, Other challenges are emerging. The problem starts with the download. Stefano Tessaro calls this the “chicken or the egg” question. This system only works if many people buy it, but only if they know it works. Click here for details..

-Governor Jared Polis said on Friday: One in 49 coronadan is infected with COVID-19. “If you interact with five people a day, you probably have interacted with someone who is infected with the coronavirus,” he said. Please check this out for details.

-this week, The state has added a new level to Coronavirus dial It’s worse than red — purple. “I was wondering if we were all heading for another shutdown, but suddenly the state moved the goalpost,” Vince Bzdek wrote in his latest column. “8 months later The rules are so complex and complex that they are now very difficult to adhere to. “ He writes Read his column here.

-Researchers say half of the population is tested weekly with COVID-19 and is cheaper to use. Rapid testing can reduce virus infectivity by 80% Get rid of the virus within a few weeks. Click here for details..

-El Paso Public Health reported on Friday: Local hospitals are currently nervous The number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 continues to grow. Click here for details..

-Colorado College Tigers Moved to the hotel After the player’s positive COVID-19 test, the team was forced to suspend activity for two weeks. Postponed planned departure For the Omaha “pod” of the National University Hockey Conference. Click here for details..

-New release by Colorado Public Health and Environment Department Guidance for indoor visits at home care facilities It accommodates older adults and people with disabilities. Click here for details..

-King Supers Pharmacy announced on Friday that the company is offering Rapid COVID-19 antibody test To the customer. Click here for details..

-Governor Jared Polis said that hospitalizations continue to increase amid a surge in COVID across the state. Allow hospitals to continue non-urgent proceduresAs long as the facility has bed space to provide them. Click here for details..

-The surge of coronavirus Increasingly tragic victims throughout the United States As the vaccine is at hand, the country currently has an average of more than 1,300 COVID-19 deaths per day. This is the highest since the tragic spring in and around New York City. Click here for details..

-Colorado has received a batch of new drugs that may delay hospitalization for high-risk populations. Considering to distribute medicine using the lottery system fairly. Click here for details..

-Pfizer said it is seeking permission from U.S. regulators Emergency use of COVID-19 vaccineStart the watch with a process that can bring a limited first shot as early as next month and eventually end the pandemic, but not until the end of a long and harsh winter. Please check this out for details.

-“If you want to open a school like us, the district needs to be more flexible in the rules for managing the classroom cohort, especially at the primary school level, where infections are least.” Letter from Colorado School Executives Association Colorado Governor Jared Polis responded by urging the school to remain open or reopened, especially for primary school children. Click here for details..

-Alamosa, Otello, Prowers, Pueblo and Weld counties Move to Rebel Red The state’s COVID-19 dial indicated that the county was in the category of serious risk for the disease. The stupid, bent, and kiowa counties are located at Level Orange. Click here for details..

Health officials in Mesa County wrote a warning To the community: There are no ICU beds left here, so if you haven’t done so already, start taking the pandemic seriously. Click here for details..

-Coronavirus runaway, top U.S. public health agency sued Americans on Thursday Don’t travel for Thanksgiving Don’t spend your vacation with people outside the house. Please check this out for details.

Coronavirus in Colorado — Latest updates, Nov. 22 | Colorado Springs News Source link Coronavirus in Colorado — Latest updates, Nov. 22 | Colorado Springs News

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