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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-04-30 22:45:46 –

Cleveland (WJW) — Cleveland Clinic Stepping up to help colleagues fight Coronavirus pandemic To India.

Cases continue to proliferate there and medical facilities are short of important supplies.

Dr. Aturmeta, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, said:

As the coronavirus crisis deepened in India, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic scrambled to find a way to help.

“The numbers have grown exponentially and our colleagues have asked us for help,” Mehta said.

Mehta says the situation is dire, with many caregivers living in India with family and friends.

“Hospitals are running out of beds. Hospitals are running out of oxygen. They are running out of important medicines,” Mehta said.

As a result, the clinic sends over 115 pallets of important supplies to support the hospital.

“Next week we will send you PPE, gowns, masks and gloves,” Mehta said.

In addition, Mehta says it ships cribs and mattresses directly to the Indian Red Cross.

According to the White House administration, this is because the United States will restrict travel from India from May 4th.

Cleveland Clinic wants Donation From the public so they can send a second shipment.

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