Coronavirus Update: California lifting stay-home order for Sacramento region amid surge of cases in state – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-01-12 22:43:21 –

Sacramento, CA-California lifted the curfew in the Sacramento area of ​​13 counties on Tuesday as hospital conditions improved. ” With the coronavirus.

In a Twitter video, Newsam said the order to ban rallies, close restaurants and churches at outdoor rallies, and close hair salons was immediately lifted. While the curfew has been lifted, the county remains under restrictive orders that limit most business activities and personal gatherings.

CA COVID-19 VACCINE TRACKER: State status when coronavirus vaccine is available

Some counties, including Sacramento, will need to adjust their own public health orders to reflect the changes, but will resume outdoor dining and worship services, reopen hair and nail salons, and increase retail capacity. We have increased the number and can now allow up to 3 households to gather. The area of ​​13 counties was ordered on 10 December.

“This is a move in the right direction, but thanks to those who are working hard to reduce the spread of COVID-19 that protects our healthcare system,” Butte County said in a press release. Keep a distance from others and avoid mixing with other households, asking you to wear a mask.

The news is that California has died of 30,000 coronaviruses as hospitals in Southern California and Central Valley have thinned and the state has rushed to reach its goal of distributing one million vaccines in 10 days. It was announced when it exceeded. The San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and San Joaquin Valley continue to receive orders.

The Newsome administration divided the state into five regions in December and imposed curfew on four regions as the ICU’s capacity fell below 15%. Only the countryside of Northern California remained out of order.

The ICU capacity in the Sacramento region is currently 9.4%, but is projected to exceed 15% in the next four weeks, prompting the state to cancel orders.

The announcement that Sacramento’s orders would be lifted caused confusion for hours as county officials began releasing news on Tuesday, but the state remained silent.

Dr. Mark Garry, California’s director of health and welfare, said in a briefing that some areas could soon be out of order, but did not make an official announcement. As the evening approached, Newsom finally shared the news on Twitter video.

State officials said the curfew helped, but some observers questioned their true effectiveness.

“The purpose of the stay-at-home order is to keep families away from each other. Instead, people have gathered for the past few months. There was a small social gathering indoors.” At the University of California, Davis. Dr. Brad Pollock, Vice Dean of Public Health Sciences, said. It’s hard to say that the curfew was in vain, but it may not have had a significant impact on the actual situation. It occurred in the transmission pattern. It’s pretty obvious as the numbers have increased. “

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Coronavirus Update: California lifting stay-home order for Sacramento region amid surge of cases in state Source link Coronavirus Update: California lifting stay-home order for Sacramento region amid surge of cases in state

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