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Coroner speaks out after 3 die in I-85 crash in Cherokee Co., SCDOT lowering speed limit – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-07-16 17:49:29 –

Cherokee, South Carolina (WSPA) – A coroner said Thursday after eight cars piled up at I-85 in Cherokee County, killing three people.

“We are the first county of I-85 since we entered South Carolina,” said Dennis Fowler, a coroner in Cherokee County. “What kind of welcome mat do you have?”

Three people passing through Cherokee County via I-85 were killed in a construction area, more specifically in what the South Carolina Department of Transportation calls a “shoot.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Do you have a sign that says” Welcome to South Carolina “? Is there a sign that says” Please enter at your own risk “at the bottom? I don’t think so, “Fowler said.

Coroner Dennis Fowler said six people have died in I-85 in Cherokee County so far since the shoot was carried out as part of the I-85 expansion project. All of those deaths could probably have been prevented, he said.

“I realize there is a need for construction. The north and south lanes absolutely need a third lane, but before sacrificing construction for their death. How many deaths do we need to have? “

Fowler said the recently extended shoot was an unsafe and dangerous mess. And he wants to see some changes.

“I think it’s a death trap, an absolute death trap in a concrete maze,” he said. “I’m not a traffic technician, but I don’t think I need to be a traffic technician to understand that this doesn’t work.”

Fowler said it was enough to be the bearer of bad news for this particular freeway.

“I have never volunteered with DOT people or made” door knocks “with them. It’s time to go to the door and deliver the unfortunate news that someone has lost a loved one, “Fowler added.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has announced that it will reduce the speed limit for I-85 southbound to 45 mph and place revised signs in the work area.

“We are trying to eliminate the confusion in terms of which lane the truck driver is in and where he will move,” said Secretary of Transportation Christie Hall.

SCDOT told 7 News that it will be in town next week to implement these changes.

“If we have to work this weekend, that’s what we do,” Hall said. “We continue to discuss what else we can do. All options are in the table. We haven’t ruled out options, such as reassessing the use of shoots.”

During, Petition It is distributed on social media and demands immediate changes to construction projects.

“If we don’t get up and say,’This has to stop,’ nothing happens. The squeaky wheels get the grease. I’m the squeaky wheels,” Fowler said.

Dennis Fowler said he would seek help from Governor McMaster’s office, Senators Lindsey Graham and Senator Tim Scott.

It is unknown at this time if there will be any charges associated with this crash. South Carolina Highway Patrol is still under investigation.

According to the Cherokee County 911 Communication Center, 200 accidents due to I-85 injuries were reported in Cherokee County in 2020. This is compared to 136 in 2019.

So far this year, 119 accidents have been reported in Cherokee County due to I-85 injuries.

Coroner speaks out after 3 die in I-85 crash in Cherokee Co., SCDOT lowering speed limit Source link Coroner speaks out after 3 die in I-85 crash in Cherokee Co., SCDOT lowering speed limit

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