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The tide has begun to fill Vaccine obligations of companiesCompanies such as Disney, Facebook, Google and Wal-Mart have recently introduced stricter requirements for employees returning to work. However, there are some important caveats to the policy as executives coordinate public health, labor relations, and revenue.

Wal-Mart’s vaccination obligations do not target the company’s most vulnerable employees. Workers in the store or warehouse. Retailer, the largest private employer in the United States, has announced a compulsory vaccination for employees at headquarters and managers traveling the country. As a sense of scale, about 17,000 of Wal-Mart’s 1.6 million employees work at headquarters. For workers who do not meet the requirements, Wal-Mart doubles the cash incentive to get immunity to $ 150.

Trade unions and labor shortages complicate the situation. One of the concerns that companies have a wide range of vaccine obligations is that they can drive employees away when they are already there. InsufficientEspecially in industries such as retail and restaurants. (At the same time, not needing a vaccine can make other groups of workers uneasy and more likely to quit.) Delegation negotiations with a union that is itself a union. Mixed to the problem, Increases complexity.

  • So far, with the exception of health care, corporate vaccination obligations tend to cover white-collar workers whose executives want to return to the office, not front-line low-income workers. You are less likely to be vaccinated.

Fill the division. “Looking at the disparity between unvaccinated people, it’s low-income people, people who are unlikely to be insured, and it’s the state people that reflect the politicization of the pandemic.” Said Dr. Karsten. Bibbins-Domingo, Vice Dean of Population Health and Health Inequalities at the University of California, San Francisco. She said that companies that adopt the partial obligation to “widen the gap” “will only go this far” to achieve what the vaccination drive intends to achieve. Stated.

Senator finished the infrastructure bill. After working over the weekend on a $ 1 trillion bipartisan bill with over 2,700 pages, they predict: Voting at the Chamber of Commerce this week.Some progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives have their support $ 3.5 trillion budget package..

China’s securities regulators are seeking cooperation with US counterparts. NS request Chinese companies listed on the US by the SEC Risk of government interference.. Beijing officials have promised to “work closely” with endangered investors after cracking down on foreign-listed Chinese companies.

Goldman Sachs is the latest institution to raise wages for junior bunkers. The Wall Street giant has boosted the base salary of the youngest investment banker. According to insiders, JP Morgan and rivals like Morgan Stanley, Burnout and the temptation of technology And other industries.

The White House will join an army of TikTok stars to promote the Covid vaccine. The Biden administration wants to have 50 social media influencers Fight false alarms online.But they may not match the person who has Made it their personal mission Ask the shot.

Zoom resolves the “Zoombombing” proceedings. A video conferencing company that became the center of a pandemic life Agreed to pay $ 85 million To share data with third-party services and resolve claims that allow hackers to suspend meetings. If the transaction is approved by the judge, Zoom subscribers will be eligible for a partial refund.

Square is a state-of-the-art technology company that takes advantage of soaring stock prices to make flashy bets. Yesterday, the company announced the largest deal ever. $ 29 Billion All Share Transfer Afterpay for Australia’s “Buy Now and Pay Later” service.

“Buy Now and Pay Later” is the next generation version of the reserve. While installment plans have traditionally been for low-income earners, the latest iterations serve online shoppers who are distrustful of credit, a remnant of the 2008 financial crisis. (Consumer advocates said that Potential risks of early service The industry is not yet fully understood. ) The industry is benefiting from the e-commerce pandemic boom and can be covered $ 1 trillion Payments have increased in a few years. Other players in the fast-growing sector include Affirm, Klarna, QuadPay and Sezzle.

  • Square integrates Afterpay into a platform for consumers and small businesses to market transactions as a way to take over traditional banks. Square reported that its revenue increased by 177%. Latest quarterSupported by the transition to cash-free transactions, its share has risen by more than 80% this year.

FinTech trading is not certain these days. Visa and Plaid discontinued the $ 5.3 billion alliance after the Justice Department appealed to stop it, and the Biden administration Strict attitude toward corporate integration.. Square transactions require shareholder and regulatory approval. When asked about potential antitrust concerns, Square CFO Amrita Ahuja said the “buy now and pay later” industry is still “very competitive.”

— Nevada Tenant Attorney, Bailey Boltlin, Told the Times About the possible consequences of the end of the Federal Expulsion Moratorium this weekend. The unprocessed portion of the case can clog the court, and the lessor urges them to surrender their apartment instead of fighting it.

Jay Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, is under pressure to do something about real estate prices. He faces calculus in deciding whether to cool the hot housing market. Jeanna Smialek of the Times wrote:..

  • Prices are rising at the fastest pace in 30 years, but have not reached the bubble realm. At the height of the subprime bubble, UCLA economist Edward Reamer calculated a multiple of 41 rental prices in the housing market. Currently 29, pushing up prices is a temporary supply issue. ..

  • For most Americans, homes are their only greatest asset. Price increases cause important affordability issues, but in general, price increases lead to a more financially stable middle class.

  • The Fed may not have the power to shrink the market without causing broader economic damage. The Fed may be able to hold home prices down by raising interest rates, but just because employment could fall if the economy slows doesn’t mean that homes will be affordable. Hmm.

“For now, the boom in your local housing market will probably be left to your own device,” writes Janna.

▶ ︎ The global tip shortage is digging into profits. General Motors will report its earnings on Wednesday, and analysts will monitor how semiconductor shortages are affecting its business.Like Other car makers, GM has been forced to shut down or delay production, which hinders its ability to take advantage of fast-growing demand.

▶ ︎ The company fine-tunes the schedule for returning to the office. Mask shift guidance The rise of concerts on Delta Variants has thrown a wrench into corporate planning. Expect more companies to change their schedules for returning to work and tighten vaccination and testing requirements.

▶ ︎ A new job number will arrive. On Friday, the Ministry of Labor will release data showing: June recruitment burst It continued in July. Economists also learn whether the resumption of the economy is pulling back millions of workers who left the workforce during the pandemic.

Cryptographic token known as ICP related to projects backed by leading investors was introduced in May and Topics, controversies, proceedings.. In a class action proposed in California, ICP investors suffering raise one of the basic questions of crypto: when tokens are commodities such as oil and gold, and when it’s more demanding on stocks. Is security subject to legal requirements?

Not all cryptocurrencies are created the same. Bitcoin is algorithmically mined and has no central ownership and is therefore considered a regulated product.But the crypto token is Investment contract — Investing in a project that raises expectations of profits from the efforts of the central entity — it may be security. SEC I sued Ripple last year, The token, XRP, is said to be unregistered security. A pending enforcement case is considered an industry Lithomas exam.

  • “The bandwidth of the SEC is limited,” said David Scott, a lawyer for the affected ICP investors. He said private proceedings could “bring integrity to the market.”

The Dfinity Foundation creates an ICP. Token will host other blockchain projects and support Dfinity’s internet computer platform with prominent supporters such as Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.Immediately after its introduction, the value of ICP soared to tens of billions of dollars, but since then Suddenly put in a tank.. Private investors complained that Dfinity made it difficult to claim tokens while insiders were making a profit. The proceedings allege that Dfinity and its supporters violated securities law.

A Dfinity spokesman said the proceedings were “groundless” and ICP was not security, and described it as “a fuel source to enhance calculations.” Andreessen and Polychain did not respond to requests for comment.


  • Discovery is reportedly discussing the possibility of acquiring the British broadcaster Channel 4. (Reuters).

  • Distribution startup Gopuff has raised $ 1 billion from Blackstone, SoftBank and other investors with a $ 15 billion valuation. (((CNBC).

  • Startup finance set a record in the previous quarter, driven by hedge funds, pensions and other non-traditional venture investors. (((WSJ).


  • What was wrong with Covax, a UN-sponsored global vaccination program? (((NYT).

  • Lobbying of space exploration companies has skyrocketed this year as companies such as Virgin, Blue Origin, and SpaceX spend more on Washington’s influence. (((OpenSecrets).

  • A scientific brain drain during the Trump administration is delaying President Biden’s climate change program. (((NYT).


  • The crypto industry is opposed to the tax system of infrastructure bills aimed at raising about $ 30 billion from the industry. (((NYT).

  • New Survey How US Traders Avoid bans on derivative transactions On an offshore platform.Binance, the largest exchange Derivative liquidation In some European countries, we have been ordered to block access to Malaysian sites. (WSJ, Bloomberg)

Best of the rest

  • Covid has appointed Chief Medical Officer as Executive Officer. (((Bloomberg Businessweek).

  • The death of the Scholastic leader is causing a battle for succession at the publisher of the Harry Potter book. (((WSJ).

  • “Why bond funds are more risky than they look” (FT).

  • It contains a loafer and a polo shirt, and has a heel and tie. A lookbook of more relaxed return-to-work outfits on Wall Street. (((NYT).

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Corporate Vaccine Gap-New York Times

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