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According to Nueces County Commissioner John Mares, there is a laundry list of repairs that need to be done.

Robstown, Texas — Nueces County officials say Robstown’s Fairgroundsfield stadium is collapsing and lacks the funds needed to repair it.

The Coastal Bend Aviators played home games at Fairgrounds Field from 2003 to 2007. The future of the team was bleak from the beginning, while a small crowd and Corpus Christi Hooks came to town. Since then, there have been some high school baseball playoff games played here along with some other events.

However, Judge Barbara Canales of Nueces County understands that these reasons require more work than expected.

“Unfortunately, I’m lazy and uninvested and unsustainable, so it takes about $ 4-5 million or more to get snuffs,” Canales said.

Canales isn’t the only one seeing the high-cost investments needed in this area due to the imminent cosmetic issues and high costs.

According to Nueces County Commissioner John Mares, there is a laundry list of repairs that need to be done to fix paint peeling, concrete staircase collapse, and more.

“There we’re talking about scoreboards that need to be replaced by new technology and that the sound system needs to be modified,” Mares said.

Judge Canales is not yet sure what can or should be done here for this facility.

“We need to bother and understand if $ 5 million is worth the investment. If so, what do you convert it to?” Canales said.

Commissioner Mares said he had heard some suggestions that could prove beneficial.

“I heard that Delmar University can take over it as a junior college discipline,” Mares said. “If that happens, it helps. I think we can split the cost and actually fix it to get a really high quality field and location.”

A Delmer University official responded with a statement in support of the baseball team in the future and the idea of ​​using the stadium. According to the answer, Delmar is not exploring the idea. Mares said they might have been the county’s only viable and viable option to partner with someone to bring this facility back into shape.

So there remains a $ 5 million question: why is the county not keeping up with the maintenance of this facility?

According to Canales, she and the court focused on spending taxpayer money on facilities around the county that are currently open and servicing people. She added that it doesn’t make sense to put money in this ballfield when no one is using it, or isn’t using it.

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