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Riverside, California 2021-09-25 17:58:45 –

“Our COVID-19 briefing is coordinated through our health district. The communication that came out was wrong,” said Mayor Guajard.

Corpus Christi, Texas — news release From the city of Corpus Christi, the city has decided to end the briefing due to the recent reduction in COVID-19 surges.

The conference was a long-standing joint effort among city, county, and health leaders to inform the community about everything from COVID-19 statistics to vaccine clinics.

Therefore, shortly after the statement was published, it evoked a reaction from county judge Barbara Canales, who was unaware of the decision.

“Well, I got the press release, that’s the way I officially found it, it was this afternoon,” Canales said.

At the time, Canales said there was no discussion between the entities to end the briefing and it was ready to be held weekly without a city.

“This is a mistake because winter is literally coming,” Canales said.

In addition, Canales said the county would like to continue the briefing even if the city was not included.

“They don’t want it, it’s okay, but the county does, the county believes it’s our duty,” Canales said.

“Despite being grateful for the reduction in our positive cases, my concerns remain in 200 in the hospital, 80 in the ICU and 60 in the vent,” Canales said. I did.

In addition, Canales has more information CDC When FDA Because new boosters may be approved.

Liberation from the city Public health district We will continue to monitor the latest developments and hold new briefings as needed.

But here the story changes.

She was also surprised after contacting Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette Guajard and getting a response to judge Canales’ remarks.

After Guajard was fainted by the city’s release and called, she said it was all a big mistake.

“Our COVID-19 briefing is coordinated through our health district. The communication that came out was wrong,” Guajardo said.

In addition, Guajardo said the information was misinterpreted during discussions between the health district and city officials.

“It was asked and discussed every other week, which was agreed by all parties,” Guajardo said.

According to Guajard, it is important that the health district keeps up-to-date with the latest information, and the decision to end the briefing involves discussions among all involved.

“That’s why it doesn’t really make sense,” Guajardo said. “Three parties were gathering city, county, and health directors.”

The city updated version, Inform the public that the briefing will actually be held every other week.

Corpus Christi COVID-19 City Briefings Source link Corpus Christi COVID-19 City Briefings

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