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Miguel Trejo and his family have been selling fireworks for 11 years.

Corpus Christi, Texas — July 4th is just two weeks. This usually means barbecues, beaches, family fun, and of course fireworks. The Trejo family has been selling fireworks on Coastal Bend for 11 years, and on Thursday the stands will open, giving customers everything they need for their holiday weekends.

“I had a wife and two boys, and then we too. We started with family and then with friends,” said Miguel Trejo.

Miguel Trejo is a dad, husband, coach, teacher and also sells fireworks.

Eleven years ago, before his son was born, and before he became a teacher and coach, he started selling fireworks here at Coastal Bend.

“I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree yet, but I wasn’t a teacher yet, so I had to go to school, so I needed a subsidy,” Trejo said.

Since then, Trejo says he and his family have continued to sell fireworks.

“We enjoyed it, and after I really didn’t need any income at that point, I was a teacher, so during this time, during the winter vacation, I was always absent during July 4th, so I earned a little extra. It might be better, it costs money while I’m here, “Trejo said.

Trejo and his family bring smiles to the other family while enjoying each other’s time.

“It’s great that we can watch movies, play games, run for food, and spend time with them just by being with them,” Trejo said. Said.

And the whole family is an expert when it comes to fireworks.

“Nine canisters have 84 shells and 124 breakers, and it was easy for my dad to get all the canisters, put the shells inside, tape them all at once, and illuminate them all at once. “Son Sebastian Trejo said.

Trejo says he enjoys the fireworks he sells illuminating the sky, but he always alerts everyone.

“Be careful not to let the kids do it themselves. Know what you’re dealing with. Also, know how to work with sparklers or shells. I will also let you know that I am, “said Trejo.

Fire Chief Dale Scott of Nueces County ESD No. 2 is one of the busiest nights on July 4th, urging residents not to launch fireworks in the city limits.

“Often people are careless and fireworks end up in the dunes, causing big fires and needing a lot of resources to put them out,” Scott said.

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