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Every Wednesday in the home game, Hook takes the field as a honey butter chicken biscuit.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Whataburger and baseball are inextricably linked. Any fan of Corpus Christi Hooks knows this. So why not combine the two?

That’s exactly what happens in Hook’s home game every Wednesday. Instead of hooks, the team takes the field as honey butter chicken biscuits and celebrates Whataburger’s sweet and tasty breakfast favorites.

Announced on Wednesday after the Fuchs Celebrate Whataburger collection debuted in 2020 to commemorate the restaurant’s 70th anniversary.

“We look forward to celebrating this iconic menu item while taking the Celebrate Whataburger Collection to the next level,” said Brady Ballard, General Manager of Hooks. “If you miss the 2020 season, fans are hungry for Fuchs baseball. Every Wednesday, I felt that I could taste that craving with a delicious new uniform.”

The uniform “features an orange and white striped uniform inspired by Whataburger’s iconic table tent, and the field hat will be an orange and white version of Hook’s fake back cap,” Hook officials said. Said in the release.

Wednesday will also be Whataburger Day at Whataburger Field. Adults can buy one berm ticket and get a free ticket for children.

“Like Corpus Christi Hooks, our honey butter chicken biscuits have been a fan favorite for many years,” said Rich Schaeffler, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Whataburger. “I wasn’t excited to see the team play as honey butter chicken biscuits and add Whataburger’s pride to the orange and white collection.”

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