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Riverside, California 2021-11-24 17:57:36 –

Aviation Director Kevin Smith said CCIA has a “holiday plan” to ensure the safety of passengers traveling to different destinations.

Corpus Christi, Texas — When people imagine Thanksgiving, they often think of endless plates of homemade meals, but one difficult adventure that tends to be memorable to many is the act of travel.

Before long conversations with families and the pleasant scent of desserts, residents spend a lot of time packing up their luggage for the long-awaited visit.

The increase in vacation trips is not new to those working at Corpus Christi International Airport, but the increase in passengers can be difficult for aviation director Kevin Smith to manage, he said.

“Last year we ran at a load factor of about 70%,” says Smith. “This means that 70% of the seats on all flights were full. This year we are running a load factor of about 90%.”

Smith added that seeing passengers start booking flights again brings him normality and self-confidence.

“I’m really confident because there are a few more flights than last November because there are some flights that I didn’t have last year,” Smith said.

As Christmas and New Year approach, Smith knows that the number of passengers will not decrease for some time, but there are some steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

“We have vacation plans for our operations team and public security officers, so it reflects what we’ve done to this. I think it’s probably about the same amount because we’re not there. 3 Get a new flight by the month. ”

As more passengers book flights, CCIA said it has continued the COVID-19 safety protocol and is taking a step further to ensure passenger safety.

“We have obtained GBAC certification, a global biorisk advisory board,” Smith said. “And you are accredited through this organization and show that you are taking every possible step to ensure that the general public on the road is safe and secure.”

According to Smith, CCIA is currently one of the 44 airports in the country that has obtained this certification. Passenger safety is a top priority when helping passengers reach their destination, Smith said.

“We want to tell travelers that our tournament, especially when it comes to town, is ready to keep you safe,” Smith said.

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