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Riverside, California 2020-11-09 23:26:49 –

The approved plan will provide all CCISD employees with a benefit of at least $ 500 in time for Thanksgiving.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The Corpus Christi Independent School District has agreed to a proposal that has been under discussion for several weeks.

Nancy Bella, President of the Corpus Christi American Teachers’ Federation, said: “Thanks to all the work done by the teachers and all employees to bring the school district to the CCISD.

“Thank you” for a total of $ 4.6 million. After the October board meeting, two members called on the district to continue looking for more money to give back to employees.

“The agreement back in August was a balance in which we insisted that the money be returned to employees,” said Alice Upshaw Hawkins, one of the board members who promoted the change. It was.

Hawkins said the district seems to have excluded hundreds of thousands of dollars from the original proposal. Hawkins is pleased to see the district plan to split its money and diversify its funds in December.

“We needed to increase the technology at home, the electricity bill went up, and the internet speed needed to go up. There are a lot of things we had to do before to be able to do it. To do the work we have to do, “said district teacher Kelly McKean.

But despite the challenges she faced all year round with other teachers, scholarships are a great gesture, she says.

“It’s a great recognition that they are grateful for everything the teachers had to do and all the new learning we had to do in such a short amount of time,” McKean said. Told.

All employees receive a 2% benefit from their average salary. Each staff member receives a minimum of $ 500.

“We are grateful to all the employees of all levels who have contributed to the safety of our school,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins adds that teachers, librarians, and nurses will also be given additional checks.

“Teachers spend so much money that I felt I should do a little more for them. In fact, they always spend time with their students,” says Hawkins.

A total of $ 600,000 will be distributed to those specific employees.

“It’s great to have a little compensation for it, because everything we do is for kids,” McKean said.

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Corpus Christi ISD trustees approve employee stipend Source link Corpus Christi ISD trustees approve employee stipend

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