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If additional funding is approved, the museum may help organize fun events for the community during and after the summer.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Corpus Christi City Vote to expand your money this week History of Science Museum It will be $ 500,000 in 2022 and 2023. If approved by the City Council this week, it will be provided by the Hotel Accommodation Tax Fund to help the museum hold fun events beyond the summer.

Allan Wilson shared his excitement about additional funding. “This allows tourists and locals to create vibrant and creative attractions to come to learn about science and history.”

“As parents, we always want our children to learn,” said Rebekah Everhart. “Of course, he wants to have fun during the summer. It’s a combination of both, and it’s fun while learning.”

The children had the opportunity to experience it in the museum on the first Saturday of the two Valero STEM days. Such a day is possible thanks to funding and partnerships. They give Sai Varshini Chinnasani, a sophomore in college, the opportunity to share her passion with other children.

“I can teach other little kids to stimulate their interest in STEM. Kids love making ice cream and one of the best ways to tell what STEM is. So I think this is a great opportunity to do that, and get them involved in STEM-related activities when they go to school, “Chinnasani shared.

The History of Science Museum has a nine-week summer camp where children can participate in new themes each week. Allan Wilson said it was special for him to see the children excited to come to the museum, as he and many others were at that age.

“There’s nothing better than seeing rounded kids surprised by chemistry experiments and other presentations, which really makes you feel good,” Wilson added.

According to Wilson, the new funding will help manage more than 450,000 items in the archive and keep the exhibit up to date. The museum has received $ 150,000 from the city so far, and will receive an additional $ 350,000 if approved by the city council.

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