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Riverside, California 2021-10-20 19:27:08 –

“This was a very surprising decision, without notice, discussion, lawyer talk, or planning,” said Judge Barbara Canales of Nueces County.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The city of Corpus Christi and Nueces County have formally broken a joint partnership through the Municipal Health District.

Officials from the city of Corpus Christi say they have formed their own health sector separate from the county. The decision was announced at a city council meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Peter Zanoni said the goal was to have a city department that would significantly improve the health of Corpus Christi’s inhabitants. According to Zanoni, this is not unusual, he said, and he feels that big cities have their own health sector and that the cities have grown enough to keep up.

“The city will set up its own health department,” said Zanoni.

“Most of what we see today is in another department, but we know it will be higher because of the clear business model.”

Zanoni said he met with a health district employee on Wednesday in a new department.

“We met with employees today to make sure they know they are important during the transition period, and we will rely on them, they are experts.” Said Zanoni.

Because the district is a city and a county, there are employees employed in the county and employees employed in the city.

“There were about 50 employees there this morning,” said Zanonoi. “And there are a total of 60 people on the city side, and I want them to know that we care about them.”

In addition, Zanoni added that the health district is still in operation.

“The health district still exists and it will be Nueces County. Since they are one of the parties to the health district, Annette will continue to leave all contracts in the district,” he said.

Zanoni said there are two separate buildings with this new transition.

“The building we currently operate is a city facility, and city employees continue to be there,” said Zanoni. “In a letter to the judge last night, if the county needs more lease time, we are ready to negotiate with it some of the contracts we are jointly funding. I showed that. “

The letter given to Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales on Tuesday came as a surprise.

“It was given without notice, discussion, lawyer talk, or planning,” Canales said.

In addition, Canales said the decision was not made at the best time, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

“If you’re thinking of forming another department, your head isn’t in the game, because what we need to focus on is saving lives and protecting people,” Canales said. I did.

In addition, Canales said the county was not yet aware of any specific details regarding this new transition.

“We are confident that there will be discussions about our course of action for our future in the coming days,” Canales said.

Canales adds, regardless of what services the inhabitants come in first.

“They may be focusing on some residents, but I’m focusing on all residents of Nueces County,” Canales said.

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