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Cosmetics group Pierre Fabre aims to increase transparency with the Green Impact Index


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June 11, 2021

The· Pierre Fabre Avene and KloraneAnnounced the Green Impact Index, the first evaluation tool aimed at providing users with information on the environmental and social impacts of cosmetics. It may be a small step for the beauty industry, but it is a big step forward for consumers who are increasingly looking for greater transparency in their daily personal care products.

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In the face of growing consumer demand for reliable and transparent information about cosmetics, brands are awakening and taking a step forward. In fact, various initiatives may be launched in the coming months to improve communication about personal care products. For example, the Pierre Fabre Group has released the Green Impact Index, which aims to measure, improve and share information about the environmental and social impacts of various brands of cosmetics.

Applications like Yuka QuelCosmetic has already made all kinds of facts about personal care products available to users. Obtaining the same information from the brand itself can be quite difficult. This is something consumers regret, and recent research has shown it in both cosmetics and fashion. However, the situation can change rapidly with the introduction of new tools to improve communication and increase complete transparency about the environmental and social impacts of these products.

Formula, packaging, certification

Pierre Fabre’s Green Impact Index has been used in-house for two years to guarantee the Group’s new cosmetic “eco-social design”. It is now available to consumers. The purpose is to use the letters A to D to inform people about the environmental and social performance of the group’s branded cosmetics with the click of a click. A is an environmental and social performance standard for a particular product.

Some may question the reliability of the methodology behind this index, especially its objectivity. That definitely applies to all such tools developed by brands and cosmetic groups. In this regard, Pierre Fabre said in a press release: “The reliability and validity of the methodology is evaluated and approved by AFNOR Certification, an independent third party. AFNOR Certification conducts an annual audit to verify and guarantee reliability.・ Evaluation of the product by Fabre

The methodology behind the Green Impact Index includes formula and packaging eco-design, raw material transportation, manufacturing impacts, and Made in France, Guaranteed French origin and vegan certification or labeling, and the brand’s corporate social responsibility program.

Progressive rollout

For the time being, scores for certain products across the Pierre Fabre brand Avène, A-Derma, Ducray, Klorane, René Furterer, Naturalactive, Elgydium and Arthrodont are available online, from face creams and body creams to shampoos and showers. There are up to products. Gels and toothpaste, not to mention essential oils and dietary supplements. The current goal is to add new product scores on a regular basis and add them directly to the brand’s website within the next few months.

“The Green Impact Index addresses growing consumer and patient distrust about its ability to respect brands and the environment, demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and convey information on these subjects in a transparent and verifiable way. It’s a response .. For the first time, consumers will be able to choose cosmetics or family-friendly health products in a simple and easy-to-understand way, with a good understanding of their environmental impact and guaranteed detailed and reliable information. ” Said Eric Dukrnau. CEO of Pierre Fabre Group in a statement.

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Cosmetics group Pierre Fabre aims to increase transparency with the Green Impact Index

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