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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-28 11:31:28 –

(NEXSTAR) – After a long period of 14 months, Costco shoppers will soon reunite with their favorite free samples.

In a financial report on Thursday, Costco CFO Richard Galanti confirmed that most Costco stores in the United States are likely to offer free food samples by the end of June. The announcement was made in 2020. It took place more than a year after Costco stopped its popular practice in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

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“We are pleased to begin a gradual return to full sampling in the coming weeks,” said Galanti. The first “wave” of locations where samples will be available will consist of approximately 170 US locations.

Galanti estimated that the rest of the US locations would start offering free samples “towards the end of June,” with a few exceptions based on certain state and local restrictions.

However, “Strengthening the Safety Protocol” has changed the way Costco distributes samples. Food is now prepared in smaller batches behind plexiglass. The samples will also be distributed to Costco members “one at a time,” Galanti said.

Costco’s food court, which has offered a limited menu since the pandemic began, will be revived “in a bigger way,” Guarantee said. New products that have already debuted in some places include “luxury soft serve” and “improved” churros instead of frozen yogurt, which will be available in most places by July 4th. You will be able to do it.

Tables and seats have already returned to “a few” locations, and we plan to strengthen our social distance protocol and return them to almost every location by June 7.

The news that Costco will return free samples follows the mask policy update announced earlier this month. Following the latest CDC guidance, Costco Relaxed mask requirements For fully vaccinated guests, but only available where permitted by state and local legislation.

Costco is bringing back free samples, adding new items to food court menu Source link Costco is bringing back free samples, adding new items to food court menu

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