Cotton prices hit 10-year high – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-10-11 20:56:49 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — After heavy rains in spring and summer, water accumulated on farms across coastal bends, threatening crops.

It was a close call for Orlando Cadena, who grows cotton and other crops in Nuesses and Jim Wells counties.

“In fact, there were farms that were flooded twice, but we were still able to harvest most of them,” he said.

And now he has earned the highest priced cotton reward in 10 years.

Cadena says he made only 70 cents per pound of cotton last year.

This year, it is approaching $ 1.10 due to extreme weather and high demand due to a declining supply of cotton from China.

Cadena’s 4,000-6,000 acres of cotton produce £ 1,000 per acre.

“This year was a very good year for us. It was a very challenging year. We were challenged in various areas such as weather and all other areas.”

There are drawbacks.

Higher cotton prices can increase the price of clothing and other cotton products.

“Now I am confident that it will rise like everything else in the world,” Cadena said.

As he plans for the next cotton season, he says the process is becoming more difficult this year due to the pandemic and its negative impact on the supply chain.

“There are problems with chemicals, equipment, and everything else because of COVID, just as everyone else is now,” Cadena said.

Cotton prices hit 10-year high Source link Cotton prices hit 10-year high

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