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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-20 23:05:27 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) -Tuesday could be the day the city will stop managing Century II after more than 50 years.

“What’s in the deal?” Asked Celeste Racette, founder of Save Century II. “Did the mayor’s office schedule them (city council) to approve the transaction on Tuesday?”

Lasette talks about the details of the deal between the city and ASM Global Management to run Century II.

“Tuesday is really important,” said Lasette. “They will vote for a private management contract only once.”

Mr. Lasette said he could not find a contract to publicly inform who is maintaining the facility if a private contract was signed.

She is not alone. City council member Jared Cerullo is not ready to sign a five-year contract with ASM, even though ASM Global already manages the Intrust Arena.

“I definitely think privatization is the right path,” said Cerullo. “I agree that I may trade for one year at a time. Five years is a long time.”

Cerullo says contacts need to clearly explain who maintains the facility and what generally happens with maintenance.

“Oh, this city has proved that Century II shouldn’t be run in the last 10 to 20 years,” said Cerullo. “It’s starting to collapse. We’ve postponed maintenance of Century II for too long.”

KSN has contacted the local manager of Intrust Arena. KSN also contacted ASM Global for comment on the possibility of a contract vote scheduled for the city council on Tuesday.

So far, KSN has not received a response.

Some other council members say they may not be ready to vote yet.

“We don’t know what the future will look like,” said Councilor Jeff Bourbo. “Five years of commitment? I don’t know if I’m ready,” Blubaugh said. “I really want to start with an annual update just because there’s a lot of mobiles right now.”

Mr. Lasette said the city should set up an advisory board for Century II to get answers to its citizens.

“We have set up a Citizens Advisory Board to oversee historic tax credits,” said Lasette. “It’s good to be more transparent before such a big vote.”

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