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Washington — If the Supreme Court decides how the leaked draft document issued by Politico shows, what can Congress or President Biden do to protect access to national abortion? In short, the answer is yes.

Democrats in Parliament may seek to pass legislation to systematize the right to abortion into federal law. It will start a whole new court battle.

But it is doubtful that the Democrats now have the votes they need to do it. The Senate is divided into 50-50.

Conversations have also begun to try to change the Senate rules so that abortion rights can pass through the Senate with less than 60 votes.

But for now, it also seems to lack the necessary votes.

Meanwhile, President Biden has already stated that he may try to do something himself when the actual opinion goes down.

The president instructed his Gender Policy Council and White House Advisory Office to “prepare options for an administrative response.”

Biden issued a statement on Monday, stating that he was “ready when the decision was issued.”

When opinions may come??

Supporters on both sides of the matter continue to rally at the Supreme Court step, so there is no sign of when the Supreme Court will actually announce its official opinion.

Judge John Roberts confirmed that the leaked document was genuine, but also said it did not represent a final decision.

Of course, Supreme Court judges have long speculated that they are ready to overturn Roe enough to return the authority to regulate abortion to the state government.

Conservative learning countries may pass more restrictions, but more liberal states are expected to expand their rights to abortion.

What’s next?

“The pro-life movement will not stop,” Carol Tobias, President of the People’s Rights to Life, recently told us Joe St. George.

National Right to Life is the largest anti-abortion group in the country. Recently, Tobias said that even if Rho was hit, her work would not be done. New court battles will emerge and they will probably involve the White House.

For example, women’s rights groups are increasingly promoting abortion drugs. Those pills may be carefully delivered by mail.

Tobias admits that it will be difficult to stop it.

“It will be difficult to catch,” Tobias said.

For the time being, we expect abortion to be a major focus of this year’s midterm elections. Abortion proponents predicted that this would mobilize some voters outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

“I really hope that the leak in this decision will mobilize people to take action,” said Shannon Russell of the Catholic for Choice.

Could Congress, Biden act if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade? Source link Could Congress, Biden act if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?

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