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Washington — The House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump. The Senate is likely to be tried.

However, the trial does not appear to begin until January 19 at the latest, hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration in the presidential election.

No verdict will be given until Trump resigns.

Other options

The outcome of the Senate trial is still so unclear that some members of Congress are discussing the use of the 14th Amendment, especially Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Get a public office. The amendment was passed after the Civil War when leaders did not want the Confederate people involved in the riots to be elected.

Correction text

“No person must be a senator or representative of Congress, or an elector of the President and Vice President, and a citizen or citizen under the United States or under a state that has previously pledged. Do not serve in military positions. Engaged in a rebellion or rebellion as a member of Parliament, an officer of the United States, a member of the State Senate, or a state executive or judiciary in support of the United States Constitution. The same, or giving help and comfort to its enemies, but Congress can remove such obstacles by voting two-thirds of each Senate. “

How it works

To some extent, the implementation of the fix is ​​ambiguous. It has been used only once since 1919, when Victor Berger of Wisconsin was banned from sitting in the House of Representatives because of his view of socialism.

It can be used against presidents or members of the House of Representatives who oppose election results.

Many gray areas are attached to the proposed amendment, so calling the amendment can result in years of legal opposition and Supreme Court opinion.

If two-thirds of the House of Representatives or the Senate revives them, certain individuals banned from high-ranking service can run again.

Could the 14th Amendment ban President Trump from running again? Source link Could the 14th Amendment ban President Trump from running again?

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